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Articles and technical notes focused on laboratory applications that rely on controlled temperatures, such as cryopreservation, incubation, and separation techniques.

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 I want to keep my samples at a temperature of 37°C. Which type of water bath is ideal for this requirement: general purpose, circulating or shaking?Baths, Circulators, Chillers
 How do I select an energy efficient refrigerated bath circulator?Baths, Circulators, Chillers
 How will the cost of purchasing and running a recirculating chiller or bath circulator affect my bottom line?Baths, Circulators, Chillers
 I plan on using my bath circulator for external circulation only. Should I get a large reservoir that can absorb the heat for more stability? EN | ES | DEBaths, Circulators, Chillers
 Does a larger fluid reservoir give me more cooling capacity and improved temperature stability? EN | ES | DEBaths, Circulators, Chillers
 I want to use a bath circulator to immerse my vessels. How do I select the right size bath for my application? EN | ES | DEBaths, Circulators, Chillers
 How do I ensure that my heated bath circulator will be able to control to that temperature rate?Baths, Circulators, Chillers
 What steps can I take to ensure that my heated bath circulator can actually bring my application to setpoint temperature?Baths, Circulators, Chillers
 Which incubation parameters are most important for proper cell growth and expression?CO2 Incubators
 Why does the location of sensors in my CO2 incubator affect responses from my cultured cells?CO2 Incubators
 Why is a circulating fan essential to superior growth conditions in a CO2 cell culture incubator? EN | DE | FRCO2 Incubators
 Why is automated heat decontamination a better solution for sterilizing my CO2 incubator than an automated chemical disinfection, such as in situ hydrogen peroxide vapor?CO2 Incubators
 How can using the wrong type of water to provide in-chamber humidity cause corrosion in my CO2 incubator?CO2 Incubators
 Why is a dual blower system better than a single blower system? EN | DE | FRBiological Safety Cabinets
 Why are airflow alarms an important consideration for Biological Safety Cabinets? EN | DE | FRBiological Safety Cabinets
 Why should you select a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) with a DC motor over one with an AC motor? EN | DE | FRBiological Safety Cabinets
 How can you extend the filter life of your BSC? EN | DE | FRBiological Safety Cabinets
 How does a low-binding culture surface compare to a non-treated surface in supporting cancer spheroid cultures?Cell Culture Plastics
 How can I help improve safety in my laboratory when spinning pathogens or patient samples in swing-out rotors?Centrifuges and Rotors
 How does Auto-Lock rotor exchange facilitate rotor placement and improve safety, compared with traditional rotor tie-down systems? EN | DECentrifuges and Rotors
 How can instant rotor identification enhance productivity and safety during your centrifuge set-up and run?Centrifuges and Rotors
 How do carbon fiber rotors ensure greater sample integrity than metal rotors during the sample preparation process?Centrifuges and Rotors
 How can blood banks eliminate potential variables to ensure consistent product yield and reproducibility in centrifugation?Centrifuges and Rotors
 How can blood banking and bioprocessing production facilities enhance ergonomics, while simplifying operation for greater productivity during their separations?Centrifuges and Rotors
 How is it possible to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact with production-level centrifuges?Centrifuges and Rotors
 What technologies make it possible to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact with high performance floor model centrifuges?Centrifuges and Rotors
 Is my -80°C freezer designed to prepare samples for long-term storage?Cold Storage
 What do I need to consider when preparing samples in bags using a controlled-rate freezer?Cold Storage
 Is there a safer way to store potentially flammable, pharmaceutical-grade materials that require refrigerated or frozen temperatures?Cold Storage
 How can a water-cooled condenser option significantly reduce energy consumption and heat output without compromising sample protection?Cold Storage
 What kind of storage tube should I use to prevent the breakdown of RNA in tissue during cold storage?Cold Storage
 I need an ultra-low freezer to store my samples. Does the initial pull down time of a freezer indicate how well the unit can protect my samples after a door opening?Cold Storage
 I’ve heard that switching to −70°C for ultra-low freezers can reduce energy, but is that safe for my sample?Cold Storage
 Is the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in laboratory refrigerators and freezers safe?Cold Storage
 I’m hearing a lot about SNAP in my lab. What is SNAP?Cold Storage
 How can plastic labware improve your lab safety program?Lab Plasticware and Supplies
 How do I comply with the updated USP 791 requirements for pH measurements?Liquid Analysis Instrumentation
 How do you account for temperature differences when measuring water conductivity?Liquid Analysis Instrumentation
 What are the top mistakes when measuring conductivity in liquids?Liquid Analysis Instrumentation
 Can dissolved oxygen levels be measured at high altitudes?Liquid Analysis Instrumentation
 How can I prevent potential material contamination during fluid transfer operations?Handheld Pipetting
 Is there an easier and more efficient way to transfer liquids between various labware formats, than using traditional handheld pipettes?Handheld Pipetting
 Do the tip attachment and ejection force vary significantly among different adjustable tip spacing pipette brands?Handheld Pipetting
 How does dual convection airflow technology help maximize application flexibility in a microbiological incubator?Microbiological Incubators
 How can built-in smart safety controls help avoid errors in microplate assay experiments?Microplate Instruments
 Why should my microplate reader include gas control?Microplate Instruments
 How will automatic dynamic range selection ease workflow and improve the outcome of my microplate assays?Microplate Instruments
 Is there an easy and efficient way to purify high-quality DNA from fish tissue?Nucleic Acid Purification
 How can barcode readers help increase reliability in sample purification?Nucleic Acid Purification
 How does a CO2 resistant shaker provide greater reliability, flexibility and ease of use for varied cell culture applications, compared to a dedicated incubated CO2 shaker?Orbital Shakers
 Why is a low metal content within the plastic walls of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) storage bottles important?Packaging Bottles
 Why is Teflon™ an excellent material for bottles storing high-value contents such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), bulk intermediates and critical reagents?Production Bottles and Carboys
 Why should I store my active pharmaceutical intermediate (API), bulk drug product and other critical reagents in a polycarbonate container versus a glass container?Production Bottles and Carboys
 Why do carboys and jerricans turn yellow over time after repeated use?Production Bottles and Carboys
 How can I prevent potential material contamination during fluid transfer operations?Production Bottles and Carboys
 Should the pH level of dispensed ultrapure water be a neutral 7.0?Water Purification
 When I check the purity of ultrapure water in a beaker, it does not match the purity on the water system display. Is there a problem with  my water system?Water Purification
 Why is UV intensity monitoring important for ultrapure water?Water Purification
 Why should secondary schools and colleges choose stills over traditional water purification systems?Water Purification