Simple, rapid, accurate quantification and qualification of DNA, RNA, and protein

Quickly quantify DNA, RNA, and protein from only 1–2 µL of sample with Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Spectrophotometers. Our pioneering sample-retention technology has evolved across the full spectrum to bring you more knowledge about your sample, so that you can save days of troubleshooting and accelerate your research.


Simply pipet a single drop of your DNA, RNA, or protein sample on the pedestal and pull down the arm. No cuvettes or capillaries are needed and the results appear in seconds. Over the years, NanoDrop spectrophotometers have become trusted and indispensible in many labs, accumulating over 55,000 scientific citations.

NanoDrop Microvolume Spectrophotometer capabilities

Advanced sample intelligence

With full-spectrum analysis, Acclaro Sample Intelligence software uses advanced chemometric algorithms to identify and correct for contaminants and differentiate DNA from RNA.

Regulatory compliance support

Optional security tools for selected NanoDrop microvolume spectrophotometers help your lab stay compliant with federal data regulations.

Keep your instrument up to date

Download the latest software update to take advantage of the full functionality of your NanoDrop instrument.

Protein quantification

NanoDrop spectrophotometers support protein sample quantification for direct A280 and A205 measurements as well as colorimetric assays such as Bradford, BCA, Lowry, and Pierce 660.

RT-qPCR workflows

Nucleic acid quantification is critical in both steps of the RT-qPCR process. Acclaro software identifies contaminants and provides corrected nucleic acid concentrations to help ensure qPCR success.

NanoDrop/Qubit instrument bundle

Get the best of both worlds—high-sensitivity fluorometric quantitation and advanced UV-Vis sample intelligence. Purchase the NanoDrop One spectrophotometer and the Qubit 4 Fluorometer together.