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NanoDrop accessory and consumable products

Featured product: NanoDrop One Productivity Kits

A complete toolkit to make measuring samples more accurate and convenient with your NanoDrop One/OneC Spectrophotometer. Kit includes:

  • NanoDrop-branded Finnpipette F1 Adjustable-Volume Pipette, 0.2–2 µL
  • Microfiber screen wipe for NanoDrop One /OneC Spectrophotometer
  • NanoDrop PR-1 Reconditioning Compound Kit
  • NanoDrop PV-1 Performance Verification Solution
  • “I love my NanoDrop” sticker
  • NanoDrop OneC kit adds:
    • 10 mm path quartz cuvette
    • 5 x 2 mm cuvette stir bars, pack of 10

PV-1 Performance Verification Solution

While most users will never need to have their NanoDrop One instrument calibrated, we recommend verifying with this solution every 6 months to help ensure measurement accuracy and reliability. For use with NanoDrop One/OneC, NanoDrop Eight, and NanoDrop Lite Plus instruments.

PR-1 Reconditioning Kit

Compound and swabs to recondition NanoDrop sample measurement pedestals to a hydrophobic state.

CF-1/CF-8 Calibration Check Fluid/Kit

Concentrated, aqueous potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7) solution for confirming calibration. For use with NanoDrop 1000, NanoDrop 2000/2000c, NanoDrop Lite, and NanoDrop 8000 instruments.

  • CF-8 version includes 8-well PCR tube strip
  • PV-8 version includes 8-well PCR tube strip

Printer Accessory

An optional docking printer for your NanoDrop Lite Plus or NanoDrop Lite instrument allows you to print data on freezer-compatible labels.

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PV-1 Performance Verification Solution







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PR-1 Reconditioning Kit


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