Benchtop Centrifuge Models

Versatile, reliable workhorses of the lab, high capacities in small footprints.
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Which benchtop centrifuge is best for you?

Whether your lab performs quick pulse spins, clinical applications, or the most challenging research separations, you will find a benchtop centrifuge from Thermo Scientific™ that is up to the task. We have organized our benchtop centrifuges into five categories. Each centrifuge category also offers many choices of compatible rotors, ventilation or refrigeration, and biocontainment options.


Tip: Need a benchtop centrifuge with the highest speed? Check out the Sorvall™ MTX-150 benchtop micro-ultracentrifuge, with speeds to 150,000 rpm.

Benchtop centrifuge selection table











General Purpose


High Performance

Typical applications
Pulse spins, PCR, microfilter cell separations, HPLC protocols Basic microtube processing, nucleic acid minipreps, hematocrit capillaries Cell culture, molecular biology, clinical diagnostics Basic and clinical research, applications with repetitive protocols Advanced research, controlled environments
Max. capacity
12 x 2 mL 24 x 2 mL 4 x 145 mL 1.6 L or 4 L
Performance (Max. speed, Max. RCF)
12,500 rpm 9,800 x g 14,800 rpm 21,000 x g 17,850 rpm 30,279 x g 15,200 rpm 25,830 x g
Compatible rotors
2 included for microtubes and PCR strips 1 included, other optional application-specific rotors General and application-specific rotors Selection of versatile rotors Widest choice of rotors
Refrigerated version
Floor model configuration
--- --- Highly portable, refrigerated only --- Suitable for clean rooms, ventilated and refrigerated
Display type
Backlit, customizable (mySPIN 12)  LCD Full color touch screen (some models)
Timer, speed, RCF settings (mySPIN 12) Timer 3 or 4 direct access, up to 96 accessible from folder 6 direct access Up to 100 via touch screen
IVD-compliant models


Table Key


Max. capacity: describes the total volume you can spin during each run.


Performance: determined by the combination of the centrifuge and the rotor. A function of the maximum speed in rpm and relative centrifugal force (RCF or g force) needed for your application.


Refrigeration: most benchtop centrifuges are available in ventilated or refrigerated models. Ventilated models are suitable for samples that are not temperature sensitive. Refrigerated models are recommended for samples that could be negatively impacted by increases in temperature.


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Once you have found the category of benchtop centrifuge that meets your needs, you can explore different models and select the one that fits perfectly into your lab.