Benchtop Centrifuge Rotors

Versatile, reliable workhorses of the lab, high capacities in small footprints.
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Rotors for benchtop centrifuges

Unmatched selection for versatility, safety, and durability

Our broad choice of rotors lets you select a rotor that precisely meets your requirements. Each rotor has been engineered with capabilities to improve sample safety, centrifuge performance, and ease of installation and removal.

Select Rotors for Benchtop Centrifuges

Select a rotor

Use the following tool to help you identify the best rotor for your needs.


  1. First, select your centrifuge model.
  2. Then, select the type of rotor: swinging bucket or fixed angle.
  3. Select the capacity and performance criteria you need, including speed and g force.
  4. Select any special requirements and features you want, such as compatibility with microplates, biocontainment, newer materials, and Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange. See the key rotor features for details.


If you do not have your centrifuge yet, you can select a rotor and see which benchtop centrifuge models are compatible with it.


Key rotor features

Innovations, from a system to exchange rotors in seconds, to safety with biocontainment, to durability for years of reliable performance, have been built into our rotors for benchtop centrifuges.


Auto-Lock rotor exchange

Our Auto-Lock rotor exchange capability lets you safely and securely lock a rotor in place and later remove it with one push of a button. Labs have the flexibility to change rotors and application protocols instantly with no tools or complicated procedures.


In as short as three seconds, with just one hand, remove one rotor and replace it with another. Save time and trouble and make the most flexible use of the centrifuge. Operators can quickly and efficiently access the entire centrifuge chamber for cleaning.

Biocontainment for protection 

Select a benchtop centrifuge rotor that is biocontainment certified* to protect your samples, centrifuge, and operators from hazardous contamination, ensuring safety while maintaining ease of use. Many fixed angle rotors have biocontainment certified lids. Most rotors accommodate containers with ClickSeal™ biocontainment lids, which eliminate cumbersome multi-turn screw caps and high-pressure lids.


 *Certified by Public Health England, Porton Down, UK

Convenient ClickSeal biocontainment lids 


These lids are designed for safe handling of sample containers. Glove-friendly, they can be opened and closed with one hand.

Engineered polymer rotors for microcentrifuges

Our newest microcentrifuge rotors are made of polypropylene material for lighter weight, superior chemical resistance, and durability to resist corrosion. These rotors accelerate and decelerate quickly to give you high performance and shorter runs with lower energy consumption.


Lightweight, robust carbon fiber rotors

Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ rotors deliver superior performance without fatigue or corrosion for safe and worry-free operation. They are ideal for use with general purpose and high performance benchtop centrifuges for cell culture, DNA sample prep, PCR post-reaction cleanup, protein identification, and subcellular fractionation applications. These rotors enhance productivity by reducing run times with higher g forces and offer excellent alternatives to metal centrifuge rotors.

Fiberlite rotors 


Built to be long lasting, and because their lighter weights take less energy to run, they can prolong the life of your centrifuge. Their corrosion- and fatigue-resistant design ensures structural integrity. And, your investment is secured with a 15-year warranty.

Rotor accessories

For information about our extensive offering of rotor buckets, lids, and adapters, see accessories.


Rotor resources

Check out our Resources for more information about our rotors for benchtop centrifuges, including guides, tools, brochures, and Smart Notes.