Ensure a secure pipette tip seal with ClipTip

It all starts with our interlocking pipette technology.
Breakthrough Thermo Scientific ClipTip technology makes daily pipetting a totally new experience. The pipetting system locks tips firmly in place so they will not loosen or leak, regardless of application pressure.

What is ClipTip pipette technology?

Friction sealing systems

Pipettes with a friction seal system, rely on a user’s force to attach tips to the pipette, which varies from user to user.

Friction sealing systems
  • Increased tip attachment and ejection forces
  • Loose tips which can drop off or leak air
  • Decreased confidence in reproducibility of results
  • Premature tip cone wear

ClipTip system

ClipTip interlocking technology has an interface between the pipette fitting and tips that seal by clipping into place.

ClipTip System
  • Extremely low tip attachment and ejection forces
  • Complete seal on every channel
  • No loose tips
  • Reproducibility you can count on 

Available ClipTip Pipetting systems

F1-ClipTip Manual Pipettes

ClipTip interlocking technology ensures a complete seal on every channel with minimal tip attachment and ejection force. 

F1-ClipTip Manual Pipettes

E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes

Electronic tip ejection, index finger pipetting action and ClipTip™ technology make these pipettes ideal for repetitive pipetting tasks.

E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes

E1-ClipTip Equalizer Pipettes

These adjustable tip spacing electronic pipettes allow you to perform sample transfers between virtually any tube, rack, microplate or horizontal gel box.

E1-ClipTip Equalizer Pipettes

E1 Cliptip 3D tour

E1-ClipTip Multichannel Pipette Virtual Tour

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Save up to 80% of your time with E1-ClipTip Equalizer pipettes

Sample transfer made easy. Use E1-ClipTip Adjustable Tip Spacing Equalizer pipettes instead of manual pipettes and transfer multiple samples between different labware formats at once, with one pipette and one movement. 

Tubes to 96-well plate

Save 80% of your time when transferring samples from microcentrifuge tubes to 96-well plates. 

96- to 384-well plate

Save 30% of your time - while maintaining the same sample layout - when transferring samples from 96- to 384-well plates.

Loading gels

Save 70% of your time when loading gels.

Learn more about the benefits of Adjustable Tip Spacing Equalizer pipettes   Download Smart Note

Precise sample volumes in every channel regardless of touch-off

Generic tips (a) and ClipTip tips (b) after dispensing into two 96-well microplates. ClipTip pipette tips have an airtight seal in every channel and 68% less variation in dispensed liquid vs traditional friction based systems. The tip attachment force used was 3.8 kg. See our   application note for more details.

General Tips

Generic Tips (a)

ClipTip Tips

ClipTip Tips (b)

Strong tips

Tips only eject when YOU want them to

When ClipTip pipette tips are on, they are sealed and will not loosen. The ClipTip pipetting system remains sealed until you decide to eject tips, even in the most comprehensive applications, including multiple tip touches and mixing cycles.

Yes those tips are supporting 2lb weights

Connect your E1-ClipTip pipettes to the My Pipette Creator app

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Go beyond limitations and revolutionize the way you pipette

My Pipette™ Creator is a web-based app that enables efficient, centralized programming and sharing of protocols between pipettes and colleagues, and offers pre-programmed protocols, to download and share, for many of your favorite reagent kits – accelerating collaboration and reproducibility all from the comfort of your computer. Learn more ›

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Complete the system with ClipTip tips

ClipTip Pipette Tips provide a secure seal for every sample with a unique and innovative interlocking technology that ensures a complete seal on every channel with minimal tip attachment and ejection force.

These pipette tip racks are available in 4 sizes: small for use with ClipTip 20 and 50 pipette tips, medium for use with ClipTip 200 and 300 pipette tips, large for use with ClipTip 1000 and 1250 tips, and CT300 Ext rack for ClipTip 300 Ext length tips.

Adjustable tip spacing allows you to set the distance between tips simply by sliding the scale to expand and contract to your desired setting. The unique equalizer window links the tip spacing scale to the particular application.

unique equalizer window

See how the same pipette transitions from '384' to support a 384-microplate to '48-mct' to support microcentrifuge tubes or a 48-well microplate with a simple switch.

 View E1-ClipTip Equalizer Bluetooth pipettes

Safer and more comfortable pipetting

When all ergonomic elements are combined, pipetting is a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience.
Average results from the tip attachment force measurements. Error bars show standard deviation. 

minimum tip attachment force

Tip attachment forces of the E1-ClipTip Equalizer Pipettes were up to 87% lower compared to the other adjustable tip spacing pipettes tested

minimum tip ejection force

Tip ejection forces of the E1-ClipTip Equalizer Pipettes are up to 93% lower compared to the other adjustable tip spacing pipettes tested

  • Low tip attachment, ejection, and plunger forces required
  • Remarkably lightweight
  • Electronic index finger pipetting action minimizes thumb strain
  • Adjustable finger rest ensuring optimal pipetting position for both left and right-handed users
  • Electronic tip ejection makes tip ejection effortless
  • An intuitive user interface to prevent any accidental tip ejection whenever there is liquid inside tips
  • Rotating display, unique multichannel ski boot design, and short single-channel barrel maximize comfort
2015 Winner of the Innovation Award for Ergonomics
Featured ClipTip video

Introducing the F1-ClipTip pipetting system. Learn how this new innovation will change the way you pipette forever by watching this video!

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