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With a wide range of offerings—including analog or digital; open air, incubated, or refrigerated; and benchtop, floor, and stackable models—Thermo Scientific orbital shakers, rockers, and rotators are designed to deliver outstanding performance, accuracy, and reproducible results for all your application needs.

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Providing reliable, simple, flexible shaking options for your applications at an affordable price, Thermo Scientific orbital shakers and accessories provide outstanding performance, accuracy, and reproducible results in the size and temperature parameters you need for your growing lab.

Facilitate repeatable results with chemical extractions, sample mixing and silver staining of polyacrylamide gels in addition to bacterial and yeast cultures with reciprocating and dual action shakers.

Increase your lab’s versatility when choosing between a variety of rockers, rotators, and mixers designed for maximum flexibility and reliability. Ideal for a variety of applications, from DNA extractions to cell culture to molecular biology and beyond.

We offer a wide variety of accessories for your Thermo Scientific™ rockers, rotators, and mixers to maximize your lab’s flexibility and help save valuable bench space.

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Achieve powerful, accurate, and reproducible results with Thermo Scientific MaxQ shakers. Watch video.

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