Durability and precision combined

 Thermo Scientific Benchtop Shakers and agitators are designed to deliver the precision performance required to support your science and constructed to provide exceptional durability even under the most demanding lab conditions. Our portfolio provides a wide range of sample agitation types, speed and timing controls and the flexibility to accommodate virtually any kind of sample container or lab set up. All with an emphasis on reliable performance and ease of use so you can focus on your work.

Specialized shaker capabilities

Built for durability

Simple, rugged design for prolonged use even in busy labs and challenging environments. Our shakers are always ready to work when you need them with reliable mechanical components and durable construction.

Easy to use

Uncomplicated, intuitive controls that don’t hinder your work process. Our specialized shakers are designed with a one-touch, set-it-and-forget-it philosophy so you can focus on your science.

Ideal for your application

From cell growth to immunoassays and beyond and regardless of the vessel type, select from shakers that are well suited to your applications, today and tomorrow.

Precision performance

We understand the precise nature of your science and manufacture our shakers to support the tightest tolerances. Intuitive user interfaces allow quick programming, with reliable and predictable results.

See product demonstrations

Our wide variety of shakers are well suited to particular applications and all with the precision performance and durability you expect. Watch informative product demonstration videos to find the right shaker for your needs.


Flexible formats and a wide variety of shaker accessories allow you to seamlessly integrate sample mixing capabilities into your specific daily sample format.