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As your research evolves, so do the needs of your laboratory. You need an orbital shaker series that can keep up with your growing needs. Whatever your research requirements, we have a wide range of shakers and accessories to cover any application from chemical mixing to cell therapy.

Choosing an orbital shaker by application

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reliable orbital shakers

Our orbital shakers are designed to support your needs into the future with durable drive mechanisms backed by an industry leading warranty.


easy-to-use orbital shaker

Easy to use and easy to clean, our orbital shakers bring exceptional value to your lab, freeing you to move science forward.


Solaris 4000 shaker assorted

A full offering of sizes, temperature ranges, and accessories make our orbital shakers capable of meeting your lab's growing needs.

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Choose an orbital shaker by temperature

Our orbital shakers offer a wide range of temperature capabilities to meet specific growth requirements from refrigerated models that go down to 4ºC  to high-temperature units that go up to 80ºC for growth of thermophiles.

Open air shakers

Solaris Shaker 2000
  • Use on the benchtop in ambient conditions or in a refrigerator or warm room
  • Place inside an incubator or environmental chamber

Incubated shakers

Incubated orbital shakers
  • 5°C above ambient to 80°C
  • Incubate microorganisms or cells derived from tissue
  • Use in life science, medical research or environmental science
  • Ideal for production of DNA, RNA, proteins or antibodies

Incubated and refrigerated shakers

Incubated and refrigerated shakers
  • 15°C below ambient to 80°C
  • Use for temperature-induced procedures where ambient conditions are too warm to control with an incubated shaker
  • Ideal for liquid cell cultures of insect, fish, bacteria or plant cells

Choose an orbital shaker by size

Our full range of shakers extend from small benchtop units to three-high, large stackable units, and a variety of sizes in between to accommodate a wide range of vessel types from Erlenmeyer flasks, microwell plates and beakers to centrifuge tubes.

Benchtop shakers

benchtop orbital shaker
  • Max vessel size 6L Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Platforms available in 12 x 14 in up to 24 x 36 in sizes
  • Advanced features in a small footprint 
  • Available in both open air and temperature controlled systems for a wide variety of applications

Floor model shakers

floor model shaker
  • Max vessel size 4L & 6L Erlenmeyer flasks
  • 18 x 30 in. platforms
  • Features consistant temperature monitoring and continous 24-hour operation
  • Incubated and refrigerated temperatures plus the ability to handle heavy loads at high speeds

Stackable shakers

stackable orbital shaker
  • Max vessel size 2L Erlenmeyer flasks
  • 18 x 30 in. platforms
  • Save valuable lab space and acheive maximum flexibility
  • Durable and dynamically balanced to stack two or three high without sacrificing performance


MaxQ CO2 Plus Resistant Shaker brochure

CO2 Resistant Shaker Brochure

Trust your cell cultures to a proven, reliable solution

Our CO2 resistant orbital shakers provide reliable around-the-clock operation ideally suited to keep your cells flourishing within your working environment.

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Key features and benefits of our orbital shakers

  Digital Solaris Shaker Digital MaxQ Shakers High Performance
Digital MaxQ Shakers
Speed range 15 to 525 rpm 15 to 500rpm 25 to 525rpm
Drive mechanism
Triple eccentric drive accommodates heavier loads, provides uniform shaking and reliable 24/7 operation. Triple eccentric drive accommodates heavier loads, provides uniform shaking and reliable 24/7 operation Triple counter-balanced drive is made to handle full or unbalanced loads regardless of vessel placement
Display Touch Screen View temperature, speed and time simultaneously on three individual, push button LED displays Backlit, push button LED display contains run points and set points of temperature, speed and time, viewed simultaneously
Warranty 2 years labor, 5 years parts, 10 years drive mechanism 2 years labor, 5 years parts, 10 years drive mechanism 2 years labor, 5 years parts, 10 years drive mechanism


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