Explore our orbital shakers virtually to determine which is best for your lab

Our 3D product tours enable you to view and rotate, zoom, discover and interact with each model. Embedded in each tour are detailed descriptions of key features and capabilities.

Solaris Temperature Controlled Benchtop Shaker

Thermo Scientific Solaris Orbital Shakers set a high standard for reliability and technical innovation. Ruggedly built for demanding applications in busy research and GLP/GMP labs, they combine a new ergonomic design with key feature enhancements that help save you time, protect your process, and drive your science forward.

MaxQ 8000 Incubated/Refrigerated Stackable Shakers

Save valuable lab space with Thermo Scientific MaxQ 8000 Incubated Stackable Shakers, designed to be stacked two to three high on the floor without sacrificing performance. These stackable shakers have the durability to run at top speed stacked three-high, contain a HEPA filter that ensures the air inside the chamber remains clean and reduces cross contamination, feature a slide out platform that provides convenient 100% sample access. The stacking kits are included with each unit at no additional cost.