Finetune your orbital shaker’s performance to your specific application needs

Browse our versatile line of accessories for orbital shakers. Includes platforms, mats, clamps, tube racks & plate holders.


Platforms for your orbital shaker provide enhanced flexibility by allowing you to mix and match different sizes and types of labware on a single surface.  In addition, multilevel platforms can increase shaker capacity.  Platforms are model specific and can be equipped with pre-installed clamps to maximize capacity.  

Platform mats

Non-slip adhesive mats can secure a wide range of tube racks, flasks, multi-well plates, wash basins, and more to an orbital shaker platform. When Thermo Scientific Adhesive Mats are properly used, kept clean, and used with the specified volumes and speeds, they provide a flexible, convenient, and easy-to- use alternative for attaching a variety of vessels to any orbital shaker.


Secure vessels of all types with reliable and easy-to-install clamps. Clamps are designed to precisely fit your orbital shaker and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate virtually any labware product.

Tube racks

Thermo Scientific Adjustable Test Tube Racks and holders provide added convenience and will accommodate test tube diameters from 10 to 30 mm. These racks deliver exceptional flexibility and can be placed at any angle to increase sample aeration.

Plate holders

Maximize efficiency in the lab by using Thermo Scientific Microplate Rack Inserts. The inserts allow your shaker table to shake multiple microwell plates at one time. For ultimate flexibility, these microplate rack inserts are the optimal choice for high-throughput labs.