Filtration products

Tested and trusted laboratory filtration products

Whether you're filtering for analytical, clarification or sterilization purposes, our products are designed to support all of your lab's filtration needs.

We understand that you’re most likely filtering to achieve one of two things: to clarify and/or sterilize your filtrate, or to analyze the retention left on the membrane. While there are several different applications that fall under either option, our products are designed to effectively support – and speed up – your entire filtration process and ensure that you recognize the most accurate results.

If you aren't sure which pore size to select, first determine what you'd like to accomplish when filtering. From there, you can easily select the best pore size for your filtration needs using the chart below:

Pore size reference guide

0.65/0.8μm 0.45μm 0.2μm 0.1μm
Analysis of mold, fungi and yeast, stabilization of fermented product, clarification and prefiltration Analysis of bacteria, sterility testing, clarification and prefiltration

Sterilization, sterility testing, “final filtration”


Reduction of mycoplasma, ultracleaning

Featured filtration categories

Offering a broad range of filter units and bottle tops, our product portfolio includes wide membranes for faster flow and a certificate of quality in every case.

Whether you're filtering for analytical, clarification or sterilization purposes, our membranes are specifically selected to support your filtration needs.

Nalgene QC analytical filtration products are engineered to deliver best-in-class performance for microbiological monitoring and testing of water, food and beverage, raw materials, and finished product.

From filter forceps to bubble point testers, our accessories help increase the efficiency and integrity of your Thermo Scientific Nalgene filtration solution.

The Thermo Scientific Nalgene Syringe Filters are built to meet your lab’s clarification and sterilization needs. Our filters are available in a variety of sizes and membranes that can be easily used for both sterile and non-sterile laboratory applications. 

The Thermo Scientific Rapid-Flow Filter Units are most efficient for temporary storage purposes, given its easily removable upper unit filter membrane.

The Thermo Scientific Rapid-Flow Bottle Top Filters are recommended for solutions being stored longer than two weeks, given its leak-proof cap extends shelf life of filtered reagents by minimizing pH shift in the storage bottle. 

Designed and manufactured to provide the quality and consistency you need, Gibco media, sera and reagents help you achieve reproducible results and successful research outcomes—every day.

Does laboratory filtration of culture media affect cell growth?

Laboratory filtration of culture media does not affect cell growth as long as the correct filter and filter membrane are used.

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