Rapid, sterile filtration of even the most challenging fluids

Maintain sterility to provide the last line of defense against contamination. Our filtration products include bottletop filters, cutdisk filters, filter units, and syringe filters.

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Offering a broad range of filter units and bottle tops, our product portfolio includes wide membranes for faster flow and a certificate of quality in every case.

Our precut filter membrane discs are convenient to use and have low levels of extractables. Glass prefilters increase throughput of highly viscous or heavily particulated solutions, and some membranes are certified for water quality work.

Nalgene QC analytical filtration products are engineered to deliver best-in-class performance for microbiological monitoring and testing of water, food and beverage, raw materials, and finished product.

From filter forceps to bubble point testers, our accessories help increase the efficiency and integrity of your Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ filtration solution.

Available in a variety of sizes and membranes for both sterile and non-sterile laboratory applications. Nalgene helps meet your needs for sterile filtration, laboratory filtration, prefiltration, sample preparation, and gas venting.

An alternative to glass funnels, the lightweight and durable Nalgene funnel portfolio includes plastic filling, filtering, pear-shaped separatory, and thistle tube funnels.

Designed and manufactured to provide the quality and consistency you need, Gibco media, sera and reagents help you achieve reproducible results and successful research outcomes—every day.

Does laboratory filtration of culture media affect cell growth?

Laboratory filtration of culture media does not affect cell growth as long as the correct filter and filter membrane are used.

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