Starting with high quality, pure, and intact total RNA is critical to many experiments, (e.g. RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, array analysis, Northern blots, nuclease protection assays and RNA sequencing). The table below will help you choose the right Invitrogen product to purify total RNA from your specific sample type and sample size.

Which Total RNA Purification Kit is right for you?

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  Gold standard for highly pure, intact RNA High-quality RNA in less than 20 minutes High-throughput purification of RNA and DNA Complete, no purification system for qRT-PCR results
  TRIzol Reagents PureLink Kits MagMAX Kits Cells to Ct
Recommendations Most Cited, Top Seller     Best for qPCR
Isolation method High purity organic extraction (requires alcohol precipitation) Fast, convenient silica column Scalable, flexible format with magnetic beads Chemical lysis (time to qRT-PCR results)
Prep time ~1 hr < 20 minutes ~45 minutes 10 minutes
Compatible sample types Most sample types, particularly more difficult to lyse Cells and tissues Tissues, cells, blood, serum/plasma, urine, plants Cells
Amount of starting material 100 mg of tissue or 107 cells (requires 1 mL reagent) Up to 200 mg tissue, 5x106 to 1x108 cells Up to 100 mg tissue, Up to 5x106 cells 1–100,000 cells
Reverse transcription reagents included        
qPCR Master mix included        
High throughput compatible    
(plate format available)

Organic extraction & purification

Organic solvent extraction offers tried-and-true performance, and is ideal for the most stringent applications when combined with silica-membrane filtration or magnetic bead purification. Invitrogen TRIzol Reagent offers:

  • Broadest sample type compatibility
  • Robust method
  • Good for difficult samples (e.g. high lipid tissue) and scalable sample input
  • Wide acceptance as the gold standard

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Magnetic bead purification

Magnetic particles offer solution-phase binding and washing kinetics to facilitate RNA purification and improved sample handling, including automation, ideal for higher throughput processing. Applied Biosystems MagMAX Magnetic Beads offer:

  • Flexible and scalable throughput
  • Amenable to automation for higher throughput
  • Better removal of inhibitors and low elution volume resulting in more concentrated RNA

Learn more about MagMAX Magnetic Beads

Invitrogen RNA essentials

Invitrogen products, are designed to minimize nuclease contamination and ensure experimental success in less-than-ideal conditions. These products are manufactured under the most stringent quality specifications and include:

  • RNA purification kits
  • Specimen collection and RNA stabilization solutions
  • Nuclease inhibitors and decontaminants
  • Nuclease-free buffers and plastics
  • RNA ladders
  • Northern blot reagents

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Silica-membrane purification

Silica-membrane filters allow fast and easy RNA purification resulting in pure RNA that can be used in most applications. Invitrogen PureLink purification columns offer:

  • A fast and easy method suitable for most downstream uses
  • Wide sample type compatibility
  • Familiar spin column format commonly used for low-med throughput

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