magnetic beads for seperation

Dynabeads magnetic bead technology

Invitrogen Dynabeads magnetic beads pioneered magnetic separation methodologies in the 1980s. Today these magnetic separation beads are used in countless scientific applications, cited in tens of thousands of published articles and used in over 50 thousand diagnostic instruments.

Dynabeads micro magnetic beads products support a staggering range of applications within the life sciences, biotechnology, and healthcare, and they continue to provide the most gentle and efficient separation ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

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How do magnetic beads work?

Begin with your Dynabeads magnetic beads solution and your test tube. Add your sample into the tube. The micro magnetic beads will begin the specific capture of biomolecules, which leaves the undesired molecules unbound within the solution. Magnetic separation is then gently applied which pulls the Dynabeads and their attached molecules toward the magnet's side of the tube. The rest of the solution, containing the undesired molecules can then be removed from the tube. Once the supernatant has been removed, resuspend the beads with a small amount of volume. At this point, the magnetic pull on the tube is stopped and the bead-bound molecules are prepared for further analysis or removed from beads and again the supernatant, containing only the pure and concentrated biomolecules, can be obtained.