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For nearly 20 years, scientists have trusted their work to Invitrogen GeneArt products and services—not only because we provide superior performance for a low price per milligram of delivered protein, but also because your genes arrive as requested and are backed by unrivaled support. But that’s not enough. You also have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get the support you need. As your gene synthesis provider, we offer you dependability, optimized performance, cost-effectiveness, and a great customer experience… That’s the real deal.

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GeneArt gene synthesis and services


We are ready for your project

With over 16 years of experience in the field of commercial gene synthesis, we are one of the longest-serving commercial providers and understand how challenging it can be to synthesize your gene of interest. We are proud to achieve a consistently high finalization rate for our customers due to our expertise and in-depth sequence analysis prior to initiating a project (Figure 1). Our scientists evaluate each work order to help ensure success regardless of the project and sequence complexity. We do what it takes to get your sequence synthesized.

Finalization rates of gene synthesis
Figure 1. Finalization rates of gene synthesis constructs over the last two years, with an average of 99.8% of finalized constructs.

Our commitment to quality

We adhere to specific quality management standards that help ensure stable, reproducible, and timely results for the reliable production of your gene sequence of interest. To this end, the products and services delivered by our manufacturing sites in Regensburg, Germany and Pleasanton, USA are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

But what does this ISO 9001:2008 certification really mean?

Figure 2 provides an overview of important criteria included in ISO 9001:2008 certification, our everyday benchmark. Hover over the individual circles for more details.


for your GeneArt project

Figure 2. Key attributes of ISO 9001:2008 certification for the production of GeneArt products.

Sustainability matters to us

Should you expect your gene synthesis provider to care about sustainability? Certainly. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we take responsibility for our environmental impact. There is a growing amount of human-generated waste each year. Greater self-awareness by consumers is encouraging, but individuals are only part of a complex waste equation. Businesses must take stock, too.

As of 2016, Thermo Fisher Scientific has 13 externally-certified Zero Waste sites around the globe, including both of the production sites for GeneArt projects in Regensburg and Pleasanton.

What’s Zero Waste at Thermo Fisher Scientific?

A site is designated Zero Waste after achieving 90% diversion from landfill of nonhazardous waste, and when waste is incinerated only as a last resort. For the facility in Regensburg, 0% of our waste goes to landfill. It is separated and recycled in a modern waste separation and power plant. These efforts are taken to avoid, reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible.

Here are some examples of how we reduced waste:

Redesign of GeneArt product packaging

  • Replacement of the original 20-tube rack with an 8-tube rack, for a reduction of weight by 54% and cardboard by 1,100 kg/yr
  • Fully recyclable cardboard
  • Increased functionality for customers

Development of an automated reagent transfer system for oligo synthesis

  • Avoids manual handling of hazardous substances
  • Reduces labor time
  • Reduces glass waste by approximately 20 tons/yr and cardboard waste by 4.5 tons/yr
  • Saves costs for reagents and waste disposal

Quality Assurance Documentation (QAD) data transfer via Thermo Fisher Cloud solutions

  • Optional download of QAD data from Thermo Fisher Cloud, instead of receiving a CD with the shipment; look for this icon
  • Eliminates CDs for QAD data, printed manuals, and product information

Compliance and responsibility

As part of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s set of core values, compliance and responsibility are at the heart of our daily behavior (Figure 3). Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy encompasses three primary elements: business sustainability, employee involvement, and philanthropic giving. Each is inextricably linked with our operations and aligned with our 4i Values: Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, and Involvement.

Figure 3. Examples of areas of compliance and responsibility.

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Start your expression with an optimal DNA sequence using GeneOptimizer

One of the advantages of synthetic oligonucleotide sequences is the opportunity to make changes to the nucleotide sequence without altering the amino acid sequence. 

Codon usage is different in each organism, so it can be challenging to get expression in heterologous expression systems. Furthermore, regulatory sequence elements at the transcriptional, translational, and mRNA levels can limit recombinant protein expression. With our gene synthesis and DNA fragments services, we offer free sequence optimization using our proprietary GeneOptimizer software. During the optimization process your DNA sequence will be adjusted to represent your defined host codon usage, and expression-limiting sequence motifs will be eliminated to provide you with an optimal sequence for reliable protein expression.

Our sequence optimization can help increase protein expression levels compared to wild type expression. Figure 4 illustrates the results of an internal study comparing expression of wild type sequences with sequence-optimized counterparts generated with GeneOptimizer software, for five randomly selected different proteins and antibodies. Protein levels of the sequence-optimized constructs are clearly increased compared to the corresponding wild type constructs. Further examples of the impact of sequence optimization on protein expression can also be found in a large-scale expression study published by Fath et al. [1].

Figure 4. Open reading frames (ORFs) of three intracellular proteins and two antibodies were optimized with the GeneOptimizer algorithm, and protein expression was compared to that of wild type counterparts.

Gene synthesis, subcloning into Invitrogen pcDNA3.3 vector, and plasmid preparation were performed by our scientists in Regensburg, Germany. Intracellular proteins (RFP, CREB1, OPRM1) were expressed in adherent HEK293 cells (2 mL scale) in triplicate and quantified by α-His western blot analysis. Antibodies (VRC-01, 10E8) were expressed in Invitrogen FreeStyle 293 cells (30 mL scale) in duplicate, and expression levels were determined via the BLItz system (ForteBio). The mean protein expression levels for each of the five proteins, for wild type and optimized sequences, are graphed in Figure 4. Protein expression was normalized to expression of the wild type sequence.

Increased protein yield is not the only advantage of sequence optimization. Sequences that have been traditionally difficult to clone due to the presence of unstable elements can be subjected to sequence optimization, which can result in improved cloning efficiencies and higher expression levels (2). Additionally, using GeneArt optimized sequences can help with overall experimental cost savings (see the Cost Effectiveness tab at the top of this page).

If your project doesn’t require the use of wild type sequences, let us help by starting with an optimized DNA sequence.

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  1. Fath S, Bauer AP et al. (2011) Multiparameter RNA and Codon Optimization: A Standardized Tool to Assess and Enhance Autologous Mammalian Gene Expression. PLoS One 6(3): e17596.

Get more for your money—optimize your workflow and your budget

With GeneArt Gene Synthesis, you can increase your cost savings in two different ways.

a) GeneArt Gene Synthesis without sequence optimization: If wild type gene sequences are sufficient or required for your project, GeneArt Gene Synthesis can help save you time over traditional cloning technologies. All you need to do is place an order online, and your time will be freed up to do other things; you no longer need to optimize and troubleshoot your cloning steps. And time is money.
b) GeneArt Gene Synthesis with sequence optimization: In addition to saving time with our gene synthesis services, if your project can accommodate non-wild type, optimized gene sequences, you can also save on cost per milligram of protein (Figure 5). With the assistance of GeneOptimizer software, we have demonstrated that the expression levels for sequence-optimized proteins are far above those of their wild type counterparts (see the Optimized Performance tab at the top of this page). The amount of cells required for culturing and purification can be far less or one can make much more protein with the same amount of cells, which helps save both time and money in the overall experiment and thus enhances your overall experience.

Figure 5. Cloning and protein expression workflow using GeneArt Gene Synthesis services, (a) without or (b) with proprietary GeneOptimizer software to optimize wild type sequences to improve cloning efficiencies and protein expression levels.

Please note that we also offer a complete suite of GeneArt Genes-to-Proteins services.

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The online Invitrogen GeneArt Portal

For simple design and ordering of your gene synthesis projects

Nearly all of our GeneArt services can be ordered using this intuitive tool, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can even perform in silico cloning and store your gene sequences, projects, and personal vectors for future orders. Save time and have full control and flexibility with these features:


Leverage this platform to support your gene's unique level of complexity

From single genes to complete workflows covering various product and service needs in modern research labs - all are available in one portal.


Use state-of-the-art ordering capabilities

Design, edit, and optimize with GeneOptimizer software, and order through this eCommerce platform that provides instant quotes, purchasing options, and suitable B2B connectivity.


Get help along the way

Obtain complete visibility and tracking of your genes throughout the production process in real time with the GeneObserver function. Quick help is also available via our GeneChat function.


Organize your downstream efforts

Receive immediate schedule changes regarding the finalization of your genes, to enable optimal planning efficiency and time management on your end.


Access to a team of specialists is always available

Have no fear of getting lost. The GeneArt Portal was designed to be intuitive, but there is always a global team available if you need to reach someone for that personal touch.

GeneArt Strings Assistant

The GeneArt Strings Assistant on Thermo Fisher Cloud identifies any potential regions of sequence complexity within your GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments. If any regions of complexity are found within your DNA sequences, you can either manually edit them, or you can follow the suggestions of the Strings Assistant to rescue the sequence.

Other key features are:

  • Order all pre-qualified sequences directly from within the Assistant, following the simple steps to check-out
  • Review past and pending orders with the new powerful project manager
  • Select the organism you are targeting to avoid rare codons suggested by the Assistant

Try out the GeneArt Strings Assistant

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Contact info:

Tel: +49 (0)941 942 76100
Fax: +49 (0)941 942 76780

America and Asia
Tel: (800) 955 6288, option 4, 4, 1

GeneChat is also available here

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GeneArt Gene Synthesis Customer Care Group

A single point of contact for all of your gene synthesis inquiries

You have questions about products, technology, online ordering, project status, billing, shipping… Wouldn’t it be nice to have one contact team for these questions regarding your custom gene synthesis projects?

Our Gene Synthesis Customer Care Group serves as a single contact point, accompanying all customers from initial questions through the manufacturing process, up to final delivery of your gene construct. All of our customers across the globe have access to individualized project consulting. We care about your projects.

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