Baculovirus Insect Expression System

The only optimized baculovirus insect expression system with superior protein yields: Gibco ExpiSf Expression System

Experience the first-ever chemically defined baculovirus expression system that can generate three times more protein compared to existing insect expression platforms. The ExpiSf Expression System enables greater consistency across multiple expression runs, all in less time. Put the newest member of the Expi system family to the test in your lab, from discovery to production.

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Discover the Gibco ExpiSf Expression System

“The new ExpiSf Expression System offers a convenient virus generation and protein expression cell line in only two steps, for both secreted and intracellular proteins,we predict that using the ExpiSf system will save us about 30 percent in the time taken for protein expression and make cell maintenance simpler.”  Xuan Droz, Ph.D., project leader, Redbiotec AG

The first-ever chemically defined baculovirus insect expression system

Undefined insect cell media components like yeastolate make it very difficult to get consistent performance. The Gibco ExpiSf system is the first ever baculovirus expression system that includes both a chemically defined medium and protein expression enhancer for reliable results you can count on. This insect cell expression system also utilizes a non-engineered derivative of Sf9 insect cells that have been adapted for high-density suspension growth and a specialized vector for insect cells.

Multiple components of the Gibco ExpiSf Expression System

Included in the ExpiSf Expression System:

  1. Two vials of frozen ExpiSf9 Cells
  2. 1 L ExpiSf CD Medium
  3. One Bac-to-Bac Vector Kit*
  4. 4 mL ExpiSf Enhancer
  5. 0.5 mL MAX Efficiency DH10Bac Competent Cells*
  6. 1 mL ExpiFectamine Sf Transfection Reagent
  7. 500 mL Opti-MEM I Medium, with phenol red*
  8. 24 Nalgene Single-Use PETG vented 125-mL Erlenmeyer Flasks**

*not included in China
** not included in all regions

ONE system with remarkably consistent results

The ExpiSf Expression System is designed to deliver consistent cell growth and protein expression, run after run. With our new Sf9 expression system, inconsistent results are a thing of the past. The superior performance of the chemically defined ExpiSf system delivers consistent results across expression runs and over multiple cell passages. One reliable system gives you one less variable to worry about.

ONE system for superior protein yields

It’s revolutionary—the ExpiSf system outperforms existing Sf9 expression platforms with 3x higher protein yield. The ExpiSf Expression System achieves protein yields that are vastly superior to traditional insect platforms. In performance tests against other suppliers’ media, the ExpiSf system demonstrated greater protein expression, delivering 3x more protein.

Figure 1. Recombinant protein titers in ExpiSf and other baculovirus expression systems. Expression levels of green fluorescent protein (GFP), Fc fusion protein, and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a) in ExpiSf and other baculovirus-based insect cell protein expression products are shown. ExpiSf protein titers are >3, >4, or >5 times those of other supplier’s insect products, respectively.

expression of three different protein categories using ExpiSf Expression Systems

Figure 2. Expression of three different protein categories achieve expression levels >3x higher in the ExpiSf Expression System. Comparative western blotting analysis of a membrane protein (top panel), a receptor-type protein kinase (middle panel) and a tyrosine-protein kinase (bottom panel) produced in ExpiSf and control (Sf9 cells in Sf-900 II SFM) is shown. P0, P1, and P2 signify non-amplified (P0) or amplified (P1, P2) baculovirus stock used for the respective groups. *1.25x104 total cells/lane, **2.5x104 total cells/lane.

ExpiSf System cost effectiveness

Table 1. ExpiSf is cost effective compared to other products for baculovirus-based insect protein expression systems.

NOTE: Average cost to express 100 mg of protein with ExpiSf System or a combination of competitor products. Cost show is based on list price in USD.
 Thermo FisherThermo FisherThermo FisherExpression SystemsMilliporeSigmaOxford Expression TechnologiesHyClone
MediumExpiSf CDSf-900 II SFMSf-900 III SFMESF 921™EX-CELL™ 420ESF 921™SFX-Insect™
Transfection ReagentExpiFectamine SfCellfectin IICellfectin II
Expres2 TRInsect GeneJuice™Expres2 TRCellfectin II
Baculovirus SystemBac-to-BacBac-to-BacBac-to-BacBestBac™BacMagic™flashBAC™Bac-to-Bac
Cost of 1L expression$334$235$260$186$332$110$243
Culture volume (mL) for equivalent yield*300120017003100170031001500
Number of 2L shake flasks needed1236363
Total cost for same amount of protein$112$294$454$579$563$343$368
Savings $65$226$351$335$115$139


ONE optimized and fully integrated system

System components work synergistically for maximum performance. Other suppliers offer separate reagents for protein production using the baculovirus expression vector system, but there is only one system that’s fully optimized with a streamlined workflow. The ExpiSf system contains integrated components that work together to deliver maximum protein yields.

Schematic diagram showing optimized system components achieving 3x results

ONE step from baculovirus production to protein expression

The ExpiSf Expression System delivers protein in half the time. Bacmid DNA transfection in suspension using the ExpiSf system allows for efficient baculovirus generation without the need for virus amplification. That means you can get your protein in as few as six days.

Standard protocol for baculovirus generation compared to shorter protocol with ExpiSf Expression System for baculovirus generation.

ONE system that scales from discovery to production

ExpiSf CD Media

The ExpiSf system accelerates development from small to large scale. From deep-well plates to shake flasks, the ExpiSf system delivers the same high levels of volumetric yield, making the system excellent for both discovering new therapies and producing them in large quantities. We manufacture ExpiSf CD Medium in cGMP-compliant facilities and offer custom packaging to scale with your development, so you can be confident that our product quality enhances yours.

The ExpiSf expression system delivers the same volumetric yield

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