Take advantage of our selection guide to review our most popular Invitrogen vectors for gene synthesis. The tool allows you to quickly identify a vector that best suits your needs. Simply filter by preferred features, including host system, selection marker, promoter, or other key characteristics. After selecting an expression vector, you will receive your gene construct(s) ready to use for transfection, transduction, and/or expression. Gene constructs can also be delivered in a subcloning vector ready for you to excise and clone into a vector of choice in your own lab. For a subset of gene synthesis options, we offer the option of selecting direct cloning vectors which can save 4 to 5 days of turnaround time using a streamlined production process. With this express cloning option, you receive expression-ready constructs in select vectors like Invitrogen pcDNA 3.4.

If you would like to have the GeneArt Synthesis Service team clone genes into your own vector, simply complete our sequence submission form and send to geneartsupport@thermofisher.com. Our team, located in Regensburg, Germany, will follow up with a quote and/or additional instructions for taking receipt of your vector.