For researchers who need long custom DNA constructs for pharmaceutical development (e.g.,viral genomes) or for metabolic engineering, pathway engineering, or synthetic biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a fast, reliable, and economical solution—our proprietary Invitrogen™ GeneArt™ Gene Synthesis services.

Genes and sequences with challenging features such as complex secondary structure, repetitive sequences (direct or indirect), high (>80%) or low (<20%) GC content, or long polypurine/polypyrimidine runs cannot be synthesized using our standard process. For these projects, we have developed a unique proprietary technology that employs specially modified and purified oligonucleotides, and more sophisticated gene assembly methods.

(Sub) genome size and long DNA constructs

  • High-throughput gene synthesis with a capacity of > 9.5 Mbp per month (fast and reliable production of DNA pieces for assembly).
  • Expert design and assembly technologies and process expertise for the assembly of constructs from 10 kb to several hundred kilobases, with timelines starting from 25 business days.
  • Robust technologies to build DNA constructs with highest complexity.
  • Sanger sequencing and next-generation sequencing offer flexible solutions for sequence verification and final QC.
  • Proven track record of reliable and timely production for long and complex constructs.
  • Proprietary technologies to build high-quality gene fragments up to 3 kb, and assembly kits that enable do-it-yourself construction and assembly.

Now get your 1,201–3,000 bp fragments two days sooner

DNA type
  • Fragments
  • Genes/ORFs
  • Devices
  • Genes/ORFs
  • Genetic circuits
  • Enzymatic pathways
  • Recombinant viral genomes
  • Bacterial genomes
  • Eukaryotic chromosomes (e.g., yeast)
Length0.15–3 kb3–9 kb9 kb–100 kb100 kb–1.5 Mb
Processing4–12 business days12–22 business daysFrom 23 business daysOn request
Capabilities>9.5 Mbp/month gene synthesis capacity (largest gene synthesis supplier according to 2013 BCC report)
We service over 1,750 customers on over 7,600 gene constructs each month, so you can be sure we have the global capacity to meet your research needs.

High-throughput production

  • High speed, > 9.5 Mbp/month
  • Leading Bio IT solutions, including proven GeneOptimizer technology
  • Easy online ordering through GeneArt Portal and Vector NTI™ connection
  • 0.15–3 kb can be ordered as GeneArt Gene Synthesis or GeneArt Strings™ DNA Fragments (Strings DNA Libraries are available from 200 bp to 2 kb)

Specialized manufacturing team

  • Experienced design and assembly
  • Proprietary technology
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Proven track record for reliable, timely production of complex custom constructs

Expert services and tools

  • Assembly services and tools
  • High-quality DNA fragments
  • Large gene synthesis blocks
  • Large construct assembly
  • Versatile assembly technology and kit solutions
How to orderOrder online Contact us
We will respond to your email in a 24-hour time frame. Please use our Sequence Submission Form to transfer your sequence.

Complex gene synthesis

Using our advanced GeneArt technology, even relatively complex sequences can be synthesized and assembled rapidly and reliably; see Figure 1 for an example of a sequence with very high GC content. In many cases these projects can be completed and shipped with the same turnaround time as our conventional gene synthesis projects.

Example of sequence with very high GC content

Figure 1. Example of sequence with very high GC content. The plot shows the GC content in a 40 bp window centered at the indicated nucleotide position. In this example, ~300 bp of the 5’ end of the sequence has a very high GC content.

For details on our Complex Gene Synthesis service, including a price and delivery estimate, send your sequence for analysis by going to our secure online GeneArt Portal. 

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