GeneArt Gene Synthesis—FAQs

The key advantages of producing genes synthetically are the following:

  • Genes and DNA fragments can be less expensive than traditional cloning—outsourcing can save you money.
  • Outsourcing gene synthesis is typically quicker than cloning and thus saves you time. Outsourcing means that you can spend time on other projects while your gene is being produced
  • Gene synthesis eliminates the design restrictions required in traditional cloning. Almost any DNA sequence can be synthesized.
  • Gene synthesis provides access to DNA templates that do not exist in nature.

Our proprietary GeneOptimizer software calculates the optimal DNA sequence needed to encode the protein of interest (gene optimization). Adapting the codon usage of the gene to the codon preferences of the expression organism (codon optimization) is just one of the parameters addressed. The GeneOptimizer software currently evaluates several additional parameters that can compromise mRNA stability, such as extreme GC content, ribosomal binding sites, consensus and cryptic splice sites, repeats, and secondary structures. Increased numbers of stable mRNA molecules often lead to higher yields of protein.

The GeneArt Gene Synthesis service includes gene optimization (if requested), synthesis of the DNA, cloning into our standard vector, and delivery of 5 μg of lyophilized DNA. In silico analysis and quality control documentation are provided online in Thermo Fisher Cloud or alternatively on a CD included in your shipment.

Yes. We can subclone your gene into any commercially available Invitrogen vector or into a custom vector you provide to us. 

Please see our instructions for vector onboarding to learn how to send us your vector.  Once we receive your vector and load the sequence information into our database, it will appear in the drop-down menu for vector selection when you configure your gene synthesis clone project in the GeneArt Services Dashboard.

If you previously onboarded your vector with us and you don’t see it in your Dashboard, please refer to the vector onboarding instructions.

The GeneArt Services Dashboard makes it easy to get a quick price estimate or a detailed quote for your project.  Use the Pricing option in the left navigation menu if you want a quick estimate without entering the exact sequence and other details of your project design.  If you are ready to design your project by entering the sequence, host species, and full configuration details, you can generate a quote from the cart page.

Variants may contain up to four of the following modifications:

  • 5′/3′ deletion of any length with additional 52 nt of new sequence on each side
  • 5′/3′ modification of maximum 52 nt on each side
  • 5′/3′ extension of maximum 52 nt on each side
  • Internal modifications of up to 40 nt (a maximum of 3 of these internal modification blocks are allowed)
  • Internal deletions of any length
  • Modifications (whether internal or 5′/3′) have to be separated by at least 100 bp

GeneArt Order Status FAQs

It is displayed both on your order confirmation email, and in your personalized GeneObserver tracking tool. A link to your GeneObserver tool will be provided in your order confirmation email.

Our production times are estimated based on our experience with over 100,000 constructs. 95% of our projects are shipped on schedule; however, since we are working in a biological system, delays occur occasionally. We distinguish between production time and delivery time whenever possible.

No, the date on your order confirmation is the “finish date” when your project is shipped from our facilities. Shipment time varies with your location and shipment terms.

Our logistics center software is configured to prioritize shipments for on-time delivery. Shipment of finished orders is initiated as soon as possible; at the very latest, they are shipped on the date agreed upon initially.

Please email GeneArt customer support and provide the GeneArt reference numbers of your finished constructs. Extra charges may apply for additional shipments.

The GeneObserver tool indicates actual steps in the production process. It is normal for your project status to pause at certain stages for a few days. If the status stays the same for >5 business days, please contact GeneArt customer support for an update.

We make every effort to finish every project in a timely manner. However, even with our highly automated production process, occasionally it is necessary to repeat certain steps or resynthesize sub-elements of gene synthesis projects. GeneArt production adheres to a rigorous set of standard operating procedures for both production and troubleshooting. We work on every project on a daily basis, but predicting new finish times is often difficult. Most delays can be resolved within 3–4 business days. In case of a delay, you will automatically be informed by email with an updated production finalization date. The new date will also be displayed in your personalized GeneObserver tracking tool. Alternatively, you can contact GeneArt customer support at any time for information on current production status and delivery estimates

A GeneObserver project link can be found in your order confirmation email. For portal orders you can log in to your GeneArt portal account and click on the GeneObserver tab (second tab: My GeneObserver).

SuperSPEED synthesis uses different assembly technology and several layers of redundancy in project setup to ensure high reliability. SuperSPEED synthesis cannot be directly compared to our standard construction technology.

In the event that a SuperSPEED order is delayed, the surcharge is taken off the order, and you will only be charged routine synthesis rates.

The complete sequence of your construct will be provided with the quality assurance documentation of your order, either in Thermo Fisher Cloud or on a CD with your shipment, depending on which option you choose. 

The sequences of our standard vectors are not available online. You can request the sequences by sending an email to


GeneArt Customer Portal FAQs

The Instant Designer module in the GeneArt Services Dashboard makes it easy to enter one or multiple sequences for import on a single project.  Simply copy and paste your sequences onto separate lines on the pre-import page.  Alternatively, download the Excel template and use the upload function.

A PO number is a purchase order number, assigned by many institutions for accounting purposes. If your organization does not issue PO numbers, you don't need to enter one.

No, you can also pay by direct invoicing followed by check or wire transfer payment. If your organization uses internal reference or purchase order numbers, please enter the number in the appropriate field when placing your order.

No, you can add your project to the Cart to obtain a cost quote/production time estimate, without any purchase obligation. If you SAVE your draft, your project will be saved online.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. For further assistance with managing projects, contact us at

Stylesheet for Classic Wide Template adjustments

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Stylesheet for Classic Wide Template adjustments