Workflow automation and consumables

Autosamplers, robotic automation options, and data integration software can streamline your workflow and increase throughput. You'll also need liquids, bottles, beads and other consumables to run your Attune flow cytometry experiments.

Choose your system, lasers, filters and accessories—fast


Improve workflow efficiency by choosing the autosampler option that best fits your throughput and experiment requirements. Two models of autosamplers are available to deliver walkaway automation seamlessly integrated with your Attune Flow Cytometer for increased productivity.

“The Attune NxT autosampler allowed us to process multiple 96-well plates in a day, enabling high throughput experiments that could not be performed on other flow cytometers.”

James Hemphill

PhD, Senior Scientist


Here is what the Attune CytKick Autosampler and the CytKick Max Autosampler have to offer:



CytKick Autosampler


CytKick Max Autosampler

42 min for 96-well plate using high-throughput mode 22 min for 96-well plate (Boost mode, using one rinse and one mix and full analysis of a 20 µL sample)

<0.5% carryover for 100 μL, 200 μL, 500 μL, and 1,000 μL samples with one mix and one rinse in standard mode

<1.0% carryover for 12.5 μL and 25 μL samples

<0.5% carryover for 100 μL, 200 μL, 500 μL, and 1,000 μL samples with one mix and one rinse in standard mode

<1.0% carryover for 12.5 μL and 25 μL samples

<1.0% carryover for 500 μL and 1,000 μL samples in Boost mode with one mix and one rinse


96 deep-well

96-well standard depth

384 deep-well

384-well standard depth

96 deep-well

96-well standard depth

384 deep-well

384-well standard depth

1.5 mL and 2 mL microcentrifuge tube rack (up to 24 per rack)

96-well foil covered

384-well foil covered customizable to accept additional plate types

  Passive cooling available for 96-well U-bottom plates and microcentrifuge tube racks



“The Attune NxT is a very well-built instrument, we are very happy with the Attune NxT. The automated Autosampler is a real plus when it is combined with the acoustic focusing because it allows you to count very diluted samples fast. It’s very precise and gives reliable event counting.”

Hervé Luche

PhD, Senior Director, CIPHE

the Centre for ImmunoPHEnomics, Marseille, France

Our autosamplers are compatible with many different plate formats, including 96-well, 384-well, and up to 2 mL deep-well plates. The autosamplers give you a range of flexibility. An intelligent probe design minimizes clogging and carryover (0.5%) and helps prevent damage to the instrument. Conversion between plates and tubes is easy with a one-click transition. And autocleaning is performed automatically upon instrument shutdown. 


Unlike other systems that use shaking for mixing, our autosamplers aspirate samples for mixing. Aspiration for mixing is a novel approach that both ensures homogeneity of the sample and is gentle on cells to help ensure cell viability. 

Consistent results across all wells and across plates

Configuring Attune Flow Cytometer automation with the Attune CytKick and CytKick Max Autosampler demonstrates consistent results regardless of whether the sample is delivered from a tube or from a plate.

Attune NxT Autosampler offers consistent results regardless of sampling method 


Lysed whole blood was stained for CD45, CD4, and CD8 markers, aliquoted into both a tube and a plate, and analyzed on an Attune NxT flow cytometer. Minimal variation was observed between the sampling modes.

To determine consistency across wells and plates, lysed human whole blood was labeled with fluorophore-conjugated monoclonal antibodies for CD45, CD3, CD4, and CD8 targets. The labeled cells were fixed, then added in equal amounts to each well of two 96-well plates, and acquired on a 4-laser Attune NxT Flow Cytometer with Autosampler. Both percent positive (left) and concentration (events/µL, right) were highly consistent across wells for all three identified populations.

Consistency of percent positive across 192 Samples

Consistency of all 192 wells for analysis of percent positive of parent gate of the three identified populations. 

Consistency of concentration across 192 Samples

Consistency of all 192 wells for analysis of concentration of the three identified populations. 

Robotic automation

Extend your unmanned runtime settings and scalability with robotic integration applications for the Attune Flow Cytometers. Our range of automation solutions include robotic plate taxiing, extended fluidics, temperature-stable plate storage, and software for operations. You can leverage both scheduling and integration to get the most from your solution.

Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer with Attune CytKick Max Autosampler and Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover

The robotic arm offers active and passive protective safety features, demonstrated reliability, and flexible configuration options for arrangement and storage. Operation is managed by Thermo Scientific Momentum Scheduling Software, established with instrument drivers available for over 200 instruments. The dashboard facilitates dynamic scheduling for active prioritization, visualized progress, and plate tracing. Extended-run fluidics allow for up to 19.5 hours of unattended continuous runtime under specific run conditions.

Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover

The Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover can handle 20 standard microplates or 9 deep-well blocks and a self-scanning internal inventory to ensure flexibility. To mitigate evaporation, the system can de-lid and re-lid plates as they are loaded, unloaded, and stored.

Thermo Scientific Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover

The Orbitor RS2 is a compact platemover with unmatched speed and accuracy for robotically automated flow cytometry. The system’s innovative bi-directional telescoping arm provides exceptional reach and precision, making it one of the most flexible movers in the market. The integrated barcode scanner enables sample tracking, barcode transmission and inventory management, while the plate detection in the gripper helps to eliminate labware handling errors and reduces the risk of lost samples.

Cytomat automated incubator

The Cytomat automated incubator uses orbital shaking for consistency and dependability. The synchronized dual magnetic drive system (located at the bottom and top) ensures consistent shaking amplitude across all microplates regardless of load, position or number of plates. An inductive wear-free driving mechanism has no particle emission or belts to change.


The system supports a wide range of applications with individual speed settings of each Tower Shaker from 100-1200 rpm with oscillating amplitude of 2 mm (3 mm option available).

Cytomat automated incubator

The Cytomat incubator is flexible and easy to set up.  An active microplate clamp mechanism secures plate and lid separately to prevent abrasions on microplates during shaking. For optimal assay flexibility you can mix both Standard and Tower Shaker. 

External Fluid Supply (EFS)

Attune NxT External Fluid Supply (EFS)

This 10L External Fluid Supply extends the period of continual operation. The EFS fits under the bench or on an adjacent cart connected to the Attune Flow Cytometer by umbilical cords. The EFS is actively monitored and the operator is notified of issues encountered. 

Data integration software

Dynamic scheduling in Momentum Workflow Scheduling Software allows users to successfully create multiple workflows.


The software’s compatibility drivers support over 200 instruments, which have proven success in numerous implementations and can speed your integration project. 

Momentum Workflow Scheduling Software 

The software includes scheduling features to handle multiple workflows and compatibility drivers to speed implementation. 


A key factor to choosing your automation solution is ensuring that the software is both performant and easy to use. The dashboard in the Momentum Integration Software is easy to learn and use, and helps users to actively prioritize and reprioritize runs, visualize progress and trace plates.