Oligonucleotides are the starting point for many of today’s biology research, drug discovery, and diagnostics applications. These highly technical applications demand high-quality oligonucleotides for success. Our oligos are made to your specifications with rigorous quality control and quick turnaround for use in a variety of applications, including PCR, cloning, sequencing, and gene detection.

Explore the easy-to use ordering portals for your tube and plate oligos, our complex and large-scale oligo services, and additional resources below.

Available custom oligo formats

 Standard oligos in tubesStandard oligos in platesComplex and large-scale oligos

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Scales25 nmol, 50 nmol, 200 nmol, 1 µmol, 10 µmolMilligram to >15 gram final yield
LengthsUp to 100 bases
PurificationDesalted, cartridge, HPLC, PAGEDesalted, HPLC, RP-HPLC, IEX-HPLC, Dual-HPLC
Modifications5’, internal, 3’
  • Tube 
  • Dried oligo shipped ambient
  • Oligo resuspended in water shipped ambient or frozen
  • 96- or 384-well plate
  • Dried oligo shipped ambient 
  • Oligo resuspended in TE, Tris, or water shipped ambient or frozen

Custom formulations and packaging solutions

OrderingEnter individually or bulk upload up to 200 sequences at onceUpload each plate separately using our template
  • Submit a request to our dedicated technical support team
  • Commercial supply available
ShippingStandard or next-day delivery, with free overnight shipping*Standard delivery, with free overnight shipping* 
Additional resourcesModification and configuration options
Online ordering guide

Download 96-well template
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Complex and large-scale capabilities

All oligos are manufactured using controlled procedures certified against ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards.

Our custom oligonucleotide synthesis process

Our custom DNA oligos are synthesized on a highly automated, computer-controlled system using standard cyano-ethyl phosphoramidite chemistry. Post-synthesis QC employs electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI MS) for all oligos. As a standard practice, 100% of synthesized oligos are measured for quality control whether provided in tubes or in plates.

Choose DNA oligos for your application

While our value oligo format represents our most economical and fastest way to order (25 or 50 nmol in tube formats with a range of purification options to suit your applications), if your research demands a scale larger than 50 nmol, a different format, or requires 5′, 3′, or internal modifications, then our standard DNA oligo formats have you covered (Table 1).

Table 1. Which kind of oligos are right for me?

Value oligosStandard oligos
Price is calculated per oligoPrice is calculated per base
  • Length: 5–40 bases
  • Scale: 25–50 nmol
  • Length: 5–100 bases
  • Scale: from 25 nmol to 10 µmol
Not available with modifications5′, internal, and 3′ modifications are available
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Choosing the synthesis scale and purification option that is well suited for your application depends on the nature of your downstream applications. We can help you choose the right oligos and purification methods for your application (Table 2).

Table 2. Recommended oligo processing options by application

  • 25 nmole–10 µmole
  • 5–100 bases
  • Removes salts but not truncated sequences
  • 50 nmole–1 µmole
  • 7–55 bases
  • Removes truncated sequences
  • Provides 80% full-length sequence
  • 50 nmole–10 µmole
  • 10–55 bases
  • Removes truncated sequences
  • Provides >85% full-length sequence
  • 50 nmole–10 µmole
  • 7–100 bases
  • Removes truncated sequences
  • Provides > 90% full-length sequence
Standard PCR    
Specialty PCR    
cDNA library construction    
Fluorescent sequencing    
Next generation sequencing    
Gel shift assays    

Looking for pre-defined oligo sequences?

In addition to our custom synthesis options for oligos, primers, probes, and genes, we offer random primers, oligo (dT) primers, 5’ labeled primers, gene specific primers for sequencing, forward and reverse sequencing primers and kits.

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