The Speaking of Mol Bio Podcast highlights trending applications in science and the molecular biology aspects of those applications. Our hosts delve into deep discussion with CEOs, R&D scientists, researchers, and key opinion leaders across the globe. This podcast helps scientifically curious people—from all scientific and non-scientific backgrounds—understand how modern molecular biology applications can help push the boundaries in medicine, science, drug discovery, and in the cure and treatment of diseases.

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Episode 9

Multi-omics | A look into the fruit bowl of biology

In this episode of Speaking of Mol Bio, we speak with Dr. Mandovi Chatterjee about single cell analysis. Dr. Chatterjee is the Director of Single Cell Core at Harvard University Medical School. She has spent her career at the exploring and mastering a wide variety of single-cell methods. In conversation with Dr. Chatterjee, our hosts dive into the more technical aspects of this ever-evolving field. We also learn an interesting analogy to better understand the difference between bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing.

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Episode 8

Multi-omics I The intersection of biology and technology

In this episode, our hosts speak with Dr. Ben Sun about multi-omics and the role AI and machine learning are playing in this space for biomarker discovery and disease prediction. Dr. Sun shares his insights from being both a clinician and research scientist, and the conversation delves into some really interesting aspects of using AI, including the consideration of the carbon footprint needed to train an algorithm. 

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Episode 7

Multi-omics | The molecular biology of plants in space

Join us as we talk with Dr. Stan Roux from the University of Texas at Austin. Driven by his fascination with plants, Dr. Roux’s research on signal transduction explores how environmental stimuli shape growth behavior. Discover his unlikely career path and his groundbreaking collaborations with NASA, conducting experiments to understand the impact of gravity on plant development. Explore the captivating world of plants and their untapped potential, as we delve into this engaging conversation.

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Episode 6

CRISPR | An insider’s perspective on CRISPR

Dr. Doris Beylkin provides valuable insights and expert advice on CRISPR cell engineering, including experimental design, troubleshooting, common applications, and the evolution of CRISPR and gene editing.

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Episode 5

Exosomes | The early realization of the exosome’s potential

Dr. Johan Skog, Chief Scientific Officer at Exosome Diagnostics talks exosome history, innovation, and the first approved diagnostic tool.

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Episode 4

Exosomes | Exploring the body’s extracellular delivery system

Listen to an engaging chat on exosomes with Jim West, CEO of Clara Biotech, as we explore their use in diagnostics and therapeutics.

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Episode 3

Multi-omics | Investigating the body’s internet

An exciting conversation with Steve Williams, CMO at SomaLogic, as he discusses the potential of proteomics for personalized medicine.

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Episode 2

Multi-omics | The importance of science in data science

Join us for a conversation on multiomics with Chris Whelan of Johnson & Johnson, as he explains the basics and the potential for treating diseases.

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Episode 1

CRISPR | Making the world better

Join us for Speaking of Mol Bio's debut episode with Synthego's Travis Hardcastle exploring CRISPR cell engineering: gene editing, bioproduction automation, and personalized medicine.

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Season 1 | Trailer

Welcome to Speaking of Mol Bio! Join our hosts as we explore the latest advancements in molecular biology, including CRISPR, single-cell analysis, and more. Get ready to dive into the cutting-edge research and speak with leading experts in the field.

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