Molecular Biology Online Tools

Free up your time to focus on the bigger picture of your research. We have gathered our interactive molecular biology tools on this page to help accelerate your innovation. Utilize these tools to set up your experiments or find the right products for your research.

Research categories:

Nucleic acid isolation

Purification kit selection

Find DNA and RNA purification products by sample type, starting sample amount, purification technology, and downstream applications.

DNA copy number calculator

Convert the concentration of a DNA solution to the copy number per μL, according to the size of the genome or DNA fragment.


Primer design tool

Design PCR primers for up to 50 genes at the same time, and save the data for your projects.

Tm calculator

Calculate the Tm of primers to obtain their corresponding annealing temperatures for use with different DNA polymerases.

Oligo calculator

Determine volumes needed to resuspend DNA oligos to desired concentrations, estimate the percentage of full-length products, and calculate oligo final yields.

Plastic selection guide

Search our PCR and qPCR plastic consumables by application, instrument, format, and reaction volume, for optimal fit and performance.


Restriction enzyme finder

Search restriction enzymes by their recognition sequences, names, and isoschizomers, and find their appropriate reaction conditions.

Vector selection

Find the right vectors for your research by keyword, vector type, host system, or cloning system.

Vector data

Search our vectors by name or catalog number for restriction sites, sequences, maps, and polylinkers.

Primer and construct design tool

Employ this tool to facilitate the in silico design, assembly, or mutagenesis of a DNA molecule using Invitrogen GeneArt technology.

Premade clone finder

Search our collections for your clones of interest—comprising ORF clones, MGC full-length clones, BAC and PAC clones, and yeast deletion and GFP clones.