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Primer3-based OligoPerfect designer
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Oligos Tools & Utilities Hub

Design, create, and assemble the tools you need for exploring genomes

We offer a broad range of development and analytical tools, collections of assays, and analytical and management software that allow researchers to fully interrogate individual genes, complex genetic pathways, and whole genomes: Read moreRead less

  • Employ calculators to analyze oligos including concentrations, sequence-specific properties, melting temperatures, and other parameters
  • Design basic or highly modified oligos and create primers for PCR, sequencing, or cloning
  • Generate specially modified or dye-labeled probes and build gene fragments or whole libraries to assess complex pathways
  • Browse collections of preconfigured assays and gene editing and silencing tools to assist in genome-based studies




Application notes, handbooks and sourcebooks, webinars, white papers, how-to videos, case studies, scientific posters, product selection guides, and more.


Find resources and tips for getting started, and troubleshooting help all in one location.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.