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SNPs are a simple form of genetic variation that can influence an individual’s susceptibility to disease or response to drugs, or trace the inheritance of specific genes and traits of interest. TaqMan SNP Genotyping assays combine gold standard chemistry and our proprietary, robust assay design pipeline to help you detect single nucleotide differences between two alleles quickly and accurately, with high reproducibility.

We have expanded our predesigned SNP collection to ensure that we have an assay for every human or mouse genotyping study. Our predesigned collection now features over 17 million SNP assays, including 4 million HapMap SNPs, nearly 1 million coding SNPs, and 1.4 million common 1000 Genomes SNPs.

Benefits of our predesigned TaqMan SNP Assays include:

  • Minor Groove Binder (MGB) technology enables TaqMan probes to discriminate between highly homologous allele sequences
  • Robust design pipeline with 90+ parameters for optimal primer-probe combinations
  • Functional quality testing with 20 gDNA samples for each human assay
  • All predesigned assays are backed by our TaqMan Assay qPCR Guarantee

Choose our precise TaqMan chemistry, easy assay ordering, simple workflow, and large selection of SNP assays to accelerate your verification and research screening studies for disease association and population stratification applications.

Predesigned TaqMan SNP Genotyping assays

Cat. No. - HumanCat. No. – Non-humanSizeNo. of 25 µL reactions (96 well)No. of 10 µL reactions (96 fast)No. of 5 µL reactions (384 well)
43513794351384Small; 40x3007501,500
43513764351382Medium; 40x1,0002,5005,000
43513744351380Large; 80x2,4006,00012,000
Discrimination5' nuclease assay to discriminate between two alleles of a specific SNP for use in genotyping studies
Assay componentsEach assay contains:
  • 2 unlabelled PCR primers: forward and reverse (primers at 900 nM final concentration)
  • 1 Applied Biosystems VIC dye–MGB-labeled probe detects the Allele 1 sequence (probes at 200 nM final concentration)
  • 1 Applied Biosystems FAM dye–MGB labeled probe detects the Allele 2 sequence (probes at 200 nM final concentration)

Delivery times
Approximate delivery times are 4–6 days in the US and 6–10 days in Europe
Expiration date   5 years from date of manufacture
Shipping and storage conditionsAssays ship at ambient temperature. Store at -15 to -25°C upon arrival.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.