Short/Small Interfering RNAs

High quality siRNA reagents for potent gene silencing

RNA interference (RNAi) using small, interfering RNA (siRNA) is the best way to effectively knock down gene expression to study protein function in a wide range of cell types.

  • Choose from guaranteed, pre-designed siRNAs targeting human, mouse, or rat
  • Validated siRNAs available against key human and mouse targets
  • Specificity-enhanced siRNA reduces the likelihood of off-target effects

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  Silencer Select siRNA Stealth RNAi siRNA Silencer siRNA
Highest knockdown, fewest off-targets
Good knockdown, reduced off-targets Cost-effective, guaranteed siRNA
Potency (recommended working conc.) 5 nM 20 nM 50 nM
Silencing guarantee
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2 of 2 siRNA 2 of 3 siRNA 2 of 3 siRNA
Target specificity Highest High Moderate
Chemical modifications, length
  • LNA-modified
  • 19-bp duplex
  • 2 nt overhangs
  • Modified
  • 25-bp duplex
  • no overhangs
  • Unmodified
  • 19-bp duplex
  • 2 nt overhangs
Gene types targeted Protein-coding genes Protein-coding genes
siRNA Libraries Not available
Target species Human, mouse, rat
(Other species: order custom designs)
Custom siRNA ordering tool Custom Silencer Select siRNA Custom Stealth RNAi siRNA Custom Silencer siRNA

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siRNA videos

Meet the inventor: Susan Magdaleno discusses Silencer Select siRNA technology

Dr. Gavin Robertson describes how Silencer Select siRNA technology is advancing melanoma research.


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