RNA interference (RNAi) is the best way to effectively knock down gene expression to study protein function in a wide range of cell types. Traditional RNAi methods for gene knockdown in mammalian cells involved the use of synthetic RNA duplexes consisting of two unmodified 21-mer oligonucleotides annealed together to form short/small interfering RNAs (siRNAs). Silencer® Select siRNA and Stealth RNAi™ siRNA improve upon these traditional duplexes by using proprietary chemical modifications to ensure better RNAi results.
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Cost-effective siRNA Good knock-down, low off-target Highest knock-down, lowest off-target
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  Silencer® siRNA
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Stealth RNAi™ siRNA
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Silencer® Select siRNA
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Potency 100 nM recommended conc. 20 nM recommended conc. 5 nM recommended conc.
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2 of 3 siRNA guaranteed 2 of 3 siRNA guaranteed 2 of 2 siRNA guaranteed
Target specificity Moderate High Highest
Innate immune response Low Minimized through chemical modifications Minimized through chemical modifications
Molecular format Unmodified 21-bp duplex with overhangs Modified 25-bp duplex with no overhangs LNA modified 21-bp duplex with overhangs
Coverage Coding RNA Coding RNA Coding & non-coding RNA
Target species Human, mouse, rat
(Other species: use custom tool)
Human, mouse, rat
(Other species: use custom tool)
Human, mouse, rat
(Other species: use custom tool)
Custom tool Custom Silencer® siRNA Custom Stealth RNAi™ siRNA Custom Silencer® Select siRNA
Cat. No.
AM16708: Silencer® Pre-designed siIRNA 5 nmol 1299003: RNA-Stealth Oligos Tube Set 4392420: Silencer® Select Pre-Designed siRNA 5 nmol

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Meet the inventor: Susan Magdaleno discusses Silencer® Select siRNA technology

Dr. Gavin Robertson describes how Silencer® Select siRNA technology is advancing melanoma research.



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