Functional Genomics Screening Workflow

Accelerate functional genomics screens with integrated solutions for every phase of the workflow

Harnessing innovation and technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific supports the everyday needs of researchers for functional genomics screening. As a leader in life sciences solutions, we are your trusted partner for screening-related products, services, and support. Our combined solutions work better together to deliver great results.

Functional genomics enables the discovery of gene and protein functions, pathways, and interactions on a genome-wide scale. With advances in next-generation sequencing, gene modulation and editing, and high-content screening, it’s now possible to efficiently perform genomic screens in a wide variety of model systems. 

From assay development through target screening to in vivo studies, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the functional genomics screening workflow. These products empower researchers to expedite discovery of gene targets by performing screens with speed, precision, and accuracy. In addition, we can provide services with our team of scientific experts.

functional genomics screening workflow

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