In Vitro & In Vivo Studies

Confirm your target gene discovery

When you’re ready to conduct mechanistic studies on your validated targets either in vitro or in animal models, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a range of products for your experiments. From reagents for in vivo transfection of siRNA to products for functional assays and analysis, our solutions can help you obtain meaningful results in your model system.

functional genomics screening workflow

siRNA In Vitro tools

Predefined and custom sets of premium-quality Invitrogen siRNA tools (tubes or libraries), for performing RNAi experiments in human, mouse, and rat cell systems (minimum order of 20 siRNAs for a custom library)

siRNA In Vivo tools

Custom sets of premium-quality Invitrogen and Ambion in vivo siRNA tools, for performing successful in vivo studies

miRNA In Vitro tools

  • Predesigned or custom libraries for studies in human, mouse, and rat
  • 100% coverage of miRBase Sequence Database Version 20
  • All distinct individual miRNA mimics and inhibitors covered, and available typically with fast turnaround
  • Available as whole human, mouse, and rat libraries or smaller custom libraries (minimum order of 20 miRNAs for a custom library)
  • Practical 96-well or 384-well plate format for high-throughput screening, with complete plate layout information

miRNA In Vivo tools

Purified by HPLC and dialysis and ready for immediate in vivo use


Expertise in cellular and molecular biology is behind the Invitrogen product portfolio of DNA reagents and consumables, which include the most-cited and trusted transfection and selection systems available. Choose from our broad range of transfection technologies, including lipid transfection and chemical and physical methods such as electroporation.

To learn more about what Thermo Fisher Scientific has to offer for your functional genomics screening workflow, select from our Primary & Validation Screening  and Concepting & Assay Development phases.


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