Tools that help analyze compound efficacy in a pathway-specific physiological context are essential for drug discovery research. To address this need, Life Technologies offers three technology platforms for endpoint or proximity-oriented pathway analysis for use in high-throughput screening and profiling.

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Choose the right cellular pathway analysis assay for your research

 Analysis of an entire
signal transduction
pathway with a single
end-point readout
 Detection of post-translational modifications of specific protein substrates within a native cellular environment Detection of post-translational modifications of specific protein substrates in the cell background of your choice
Stable vs. TransientStable  Stable  Transient
Cellular engineeringPathway-specific response element upstream of BLA reporter GFP-substrate fusion, readout of endogenous kinases GFP-substrate fusion, readout of endogenous kinases
Assay optimization required?No, already optimized No, already optimized Yes, if using cell backgrounds other than recommended
Detection technologyFRET (coumarin to fluorescein) TR-FRET (terbium-labeled antibody to GFP-substrate fusion) TR-FRET (terbium-labeled antibody to GFP-substrate fusion)
Antibody-based assay?  yes yes
Total assay volume (384-well)40 µL 40 µL 40 µL
Overcoming interferenceBackground suppression dye in the substrate mixture Time-resolved readout allows read after interfering signals have decayed Time-resolved readout allows read after interfering signals have decayed
Plate reader methodBottom-read Top-read Top-read
Cost per well$ $$–$$$ $$–$$$
Use in SelectScreen® Cellular Profiling Servicesyes yes yes
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Elucidate your target pathways with multiple assay formats

Life Technologies offers three assay technologies for your cellular pathway analysis research.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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