Target & lead identification & validation

Advance your drug discovery pipeline today using our comprehensive portfolio of products and services to investigate the major druggable target classes: kinases, GPCRs, nuclear receptors, and ion channels. Our offerings span everything from high-quality reagents for basic research and assay development to validated biochemical and cell-based assays, and world-class profiling and screening services. For pharmaceutical research and discovery, your target is our aim.

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Kinase Biology

Empower your kinase research with the broadest set of proteins, biochemical assays, and cell-based assays for discovery, assay development, and HTS.

Pathway Biology

Analyze complex signal transduction pathways in a live cell format with our cell-based assays for Pathway Analysis.

G-Protein Coupled Receptor Biology

Interrogate difficult GPCRs with our cellular tools featuring Tango, GeneBLAzer, ion indicator, and division-arrested assay technologies.

Epigenetics Tools

Investigate epigenetic enzymes and substrate modifications with our flexible set of cellular and biochemical tools.

Nuclear Receptor Biology

Enabling nuclear receptor screening with purified proteins, competitive binding kits, coregulator interaction assays, and validated cell-based assays.

Ion Channel Biology

Screen compounds that modulate ion channels with our fluorescence-based indicators, including fluo-4 and voltage sensor probes.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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