Showcase Nuclear Receptor Biology
To facilitate your nuclear receptor drug discovery efforts, Invitrogen has developed a nuclear receptor solutions platform to address target access, assay development/HTS, lead profiling, cell-based validation and customized programs.

Nuclear Receptor Proteins

Life Technologies is a leader in expressing and purifying steroid hormone receptors of the highest quality, activity and purity for research applications.


Nuclear Receptor Antibodies & Immunoassays

Find the right antibody you need and quantify nuclear receptors in a wide variety of sample types with our Luminex® solutions.



Biochemical Nuclear Receptor Assays

Study nuclear receptor activity with PolarScreen™ NR Competitive Binding Assays and LanthaScreen™ NR Coregulator Interaction Assays.


Cell-Based Nuclear Receptor Reporter Assays

GeneBLAzer® Validated Assays can measure receptor activation or inhibition by compounds and can be used to determine compound potency and selectivity.