Analyze compound efficacy as full or partial agonists or antagonists using cell lines validated by the Life Technology team of Nuclear Receptor experts.  
Life Technology offers cell-based NR assays in two cell states:
Division Arrested, non-dividing cells, for “by the plate” assays Dividing Cells ideal for large screens.

See our validation data for a complete description of optimized assay conditions, DMSO tolerance, substrate loading time and pharmacology of know agonists and antagonists. See our customer protocol for a complete list of materials supplied and materials required but not supplied.  
If you do not see the target or assay format of your choice please contact us.

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Target and Alias(es)Accession NumberDivision Arrested Cat #Dividing Cells Cat #Validation DataCustomer ProtocolAvailable in
SelectScreen® Service
AR (AR/NR3C4)NP_036634 K1698           X  
ER alpha (ERA/ESR1/NR3A1)NP_000116K1393K1688           X
ER beta (ERB/ESR2/NR3A2)NP_001428K1399K1689B           X
ERR alpha (ERR1/ESRRA/NR3B1)NP_004442K1421K1702           X
FXR (NR1H4)NP_005114.1K1397K1691           X
GR (NR3C1)NP_000167K1391K1687           X 
GR (NR3C1)Full length Endogenous GR K1641B           †
LXR alpha (LXRA/N41H3)NP_005684K1401K1692           X
LXR beta (LXRB/NR1H2)NP_009052K1415K1699           X
MR (NR3C2) K1409K1696           X
PPAR alpha
PPAR delta (PPARD/NR1C2)NP_006229K1395K1690           X
PPAR gamma (PPARG/NR1C3)NP_005028K1419K1701           X
PR (PGR/NR3C3)NP_000917K1403K1693           X
RAR alpha (RARA/NR1B1)NP_000955K1387K1685           X
RAR beta (RARB/NR1B2)NP_000956K1407K1695
RAR gamma (RARG/NR1B3)NP_000957K1559K1763
RXR alpha (RXRA/NR2B1)NP_002948.1K1411K1697
RXR beta (RXRB/NR2B2)NP_068811K1405K1694          X
TR alpha (THRA/NR1A1)NP_955366.1K1385K1684
TR beta (THRB/NR1A2/T3RB)
VDR (NR1I1)NP_000367K1417K1700

*     K1641 - endogenous cell line using MMTV-bla HeLa cell background
**   K1875 - consumable cells, similar to division arrest cells, but transduced with BacMam reagent
†    Available for profiling through custom services, for more information contact

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.