The BacMam system uses a modified insect cell virus (baculovirus) as a vehicle to efficiently deliver and express genes in mammalian cells with minimum effort and toxicity.  Invitrogen offers a variety of reagents and services utilizing the BacMam system to expand your research efforts.

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Advantages of the BacMam system include:

  • Efficient transduction of mammalian cell lines, including primary cells and stem cells
  • Safety (non-replicating in mammalian cells) and lack of observable cytopathic effect
  • Frozen storage of pre-transduced cells generates assay-ready cells
  • Portability (do assays in pharmacologically relevant cell types)
  • Assay development speed (no need to spend time generating a stable cell line)

Learn more about the workflow, transduction process, and how this system can be used in your laboratory in the BacMam Technology Overview.

BacMam Compatible Cells

BacMam reagents can be used in a variety of mammalian cell types. View the cell types that have been transduced using BacMam technology and learn how to optimize conditions for your cell type.

BacMam Reagents

The BacMam system has been used to create fluorescent protein-based sub-cellular markers and biosensors, and to introduce genes for pharmacological targets and functional proteins.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.