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Transduction is mediated by a baculovirus that is non-replicating in mammalian cells and safe to handle, but still provides robust gene delivery.  The Invitrogen BacMam reagents are stringently developed, manufactured and quality controlled: they are ready for immediate use—no need to purify plasmids or worry about vector integrity and quality.  No lipids, dye-loading chemicals or other potentially harmful treatments are required.

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BacMam Reagent Selection Guide

BacMam ReagentApplication
CellLights® Reagents
Ready-to-use fluorescent protein constructs fused with signal peptides for accurate and specific targeting to cellular structures for studying dynamic changes, colocalization and signaling events in living cells
Premo™ HalideMeasure chloride channel activity with our fluorescent protein based biosensor
Ion ChannelsBacMam-mediated delivery of more than 10 Na+ and K+ ion channels including hERG
BacMam-enabled Cellular Assays BacMam-enabled Cellular Assays are an efficient, easy-to-optimize, and robust method for interrogating specific signal transduction events in a cell background of choice
Kinase Bacmam ReagentsConduct LRRK2 cellular assays in your cell background of choice with the use of BacMam LRRK2 reagents

BacMam assay development and screening

Figure 1. BacMam workflow. Just add the BacMam reagent to your cells for two to four hours, treat with an enhancer (for certain cell types), wash, incubate overnight and perform the assay.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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