Purple petunia with white stripes illustrating early recognition of gene silencing

Accelerate functional analysis with high-quality siRNA libraries

High-throughput screens harness the power of RNAi to better understand gene function.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers pre-defined and custom sets of premium-quality siRNAs for arrayed functional genomics studies.

Silencer Select siRNA Libraries

Silencer Select siRNA is the most potent and specific siRNA available due to a next-generation algorithm and patented chemical modifications.

Silencer Select siRNA  include:

  • Human pre-defined gene families and pathways, including the Druggable genome
  • Whole human genome siRNA library
  • Human genome-wide siRNA collection to target long-noncoding genes

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Silencer siRNA Libraries

Silencer siRNA is a great choice for economical screening of pre-defined gene families and popular pathways like kinases, Cell surface receptors, and DNA damage response.

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Custom siRNA libraries

Silencer Select and Silencer siRNAs are available as custom collections to suit your specific needs. These highly economical plated versions of our guaranteed siRNAs are perfect for pilot studies, primary screen follow-up or a customized functional genomics screen.

  • Minimum order of 20 siRNAs
  • Up to 3 siRNA per gene
  • Choose from 96-well, 384-well, or 384-well Echo-qualified plates
  • Validated siRNAs are available at no additional cost!
Product line for custom siRNA librariesQuantity per well*
Silencer Select siRNA, Human pre-designed inventoried siRNA0.1, 0.25, 1, or 2 nmol
Silencer siRNA, Human or Mouse pre-designed siRNA1, 2, or 5 nmol
*NOTE: Not all quantities available in 384-well

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Information to accelerate discovery

All Silencer and Silencer Select siRNA Libraries, whether pre-defined or custom, are provided with full siRNA annotation files to include:

  • Plate map ID and well address for each siRNA
  • siRNA sequence information
  • NCBI identifiers: gene symbol, gene name, alias(es), Entrez gene ID, and associated RefSeq mRNA accession numbers.
  • Plates are individually barcoded with unique identifiers

Technical inquires:
Our Technical Application Scientists are available to help assist you at techsupport@thermofisher.com

Ordering & Order Status inquires:
If you have questions about pre-designed RNAi orders and order status, please contact us at genomicorders@thermofisher.com

If you have any questions about Custom RNAi orders and order status, please contact us at RNAiSupport@thermofisher.com

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.