Silencer siRNAs

Invitrogen Silencer Pre-designed siRNAs are available for all human, mouse, and rat gene targets in the RefSeq database. These siRNAs are designed for maximum potency and specificity using a highly effective and extensively tested algorithm. Each siRNA is synthesized to the highest quality standards and is provided with full sequence information. Furthermore, when you purchase three Silencer Pre-Designed siRNAs to the same target, we guarantee that with at least two of the siRNAs you will achieve >70% reduction in target mRNA levels.

Silencer Validated siRNAs

A subset of Invitrogen Ambion siRNAs to human targets have been functionally tested in house and verified to reduce target mRNA levels by 70% or greater, enabling us to guarantee that these Silencer Validated siRNAs will knock-down their target genes. The data sheet provided with each of these siRNAs shows the extent of mRNA knockdown observed during testing and the exon targeted by the siRNA. For most types, full sequence information is also provided at no additional charge.

For Next Generation pre-designed & validated siRNAs that incorporate the latest improvements in siRNA design, off-target effect prediction algorithms, and chemical modifications to yield siRNAs with unrivalled efficacy, potency, and specificity, please see Silencer Select Pre-Designed & Validated siRNAs.

Optimized Design + High Quality Synthesis = Guaranteed Silencing

Silencer Pre-Designed and Validated siRNAs are designed for maximum potency and specificity using a proprietary algorithm developed by Cenix BioScience and owned by Ambion (see siRNA Design: It's All in the Algorithm). Cenix and Ambion directly measured the effectiveness of approximately 1,100 algorithm-designed siRNAs in the silencing of almost 400 endogenously expressed human transcripts. This comprehensive survey indicated that, on a per siRNA basis, more than 80% of the individual siRNAs showed >70% silencing of their target. The performance data clearly confirm the success of the Ambion siRNA selection process.

We synthesize and purify each siRNA in state-of-the-art facilities to meet the highest quality standards. As part of our rigorous quality control procedures, each RNA oligonucleotide is analyzed by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and/or analytical HPLC. To provide the utmost in quality, Ambion also assesses each annealed siRNA by gel electrophoresis to confirm that the strands annealed properly. The result is premium quality siRNA that is purified and ready to use.

Approximate Turnaround Times*

Standard purification 4 business days
HPLC purification 6 business days (20 and 40 nmol)
8 business days (160 nmol)
In Vivo Ready 12 business days (100 and 250 nmol)
15 business days (1 µmol)
20 business days (10 µmol)
Cy3 and FAM labeled 8 business days

*Estimated time from order confirmation to ship date from Pleasanton, CA for orders to be confirmed by 2pm PST. Does not include time required for shipping (typically overnight for US and Canada deliveries, 2 days for Europe, 2-3 days elsewhere).

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