EVOS Cell Imaging System Models

Superb optics, integrated usability, compact, simple yet powerful.

Which EVOS cell imaging system is best for you?

All EVOS microscopes share common features: stunning, easy-to-capture images; bright LED light sources; high-resolution cameras and optics; compact, efficient design; the enhanced safety of minimal handling; and powerful, intuitive software. The one that’s right for you depends on your needs and applications. For a versatile laboratory workhorse, choose between advanced mechanical (M5000) and fully automated (M7000) systems. For a basic microscope suitable for cell culture applications, choose between fluorescence (FLoid) and brightfield (XL Core) systems.


Tip: If your application involves high-content analysis (HCA) or screening (HCS), see the EVOS M7000 Imaging System High-Content Analysis Package or the Thermo Scientific CellInsight imaging systems.

Reagents for EVOS

EVOS cell imaging system selection guide




EVOS M7000



EVOS M5000





Typical applications



A versatile laboratory workhorse for fluorescence and color imaging



A basic lab microscope suitable for cell culture applications
Model type
Full automation and both monochrome and color cameras Semi-automation and both monochrome and color image capture Detection of fluorescent proteins and dyes Brightfield Imaging
The EVOS M7000 is an advanced, automated imaging system with two high-resolution cameras (monochrome and color) for optimal and colorimetric images. It incorporates advanced automated imaging and data generation, including multiwell plate scanning and image stitching and tiling. The EVOS M5000 is your laboratory workhorse for outstanding image quality with a streamlined, intuitive interface. With its high-sensitivity camera for fluorescent imaging, it can handle a broad range of applications from quick check to acquisition of publication-quality images. One of the easiest cell imaging systems in the world, the EVOS FLoid can provide 3-color fluorescent images within a minute. It can give you a quick view of your cells and fluorescent labeling, and is ideal for cell culture applications requiring fluorescence. Great for teaching. The EVOS XL Core is ideal for routine cell culture and in-hood applications.


Simple Installation
Installation and training
Service Team User User User
Motorized encoded X/Y scanning stage
--- --- ---
Manual mechanical stage
Mechanical or fixed stage option
--- --- ---
Objective turret positions
5 5 --- 4
Objective range
1.25-100x 1.25-100x 20x 1.25-100x
Fluorescence channels
3 ---
Fluorescence LED light cubes
Monochrome or color camera option (built-in, not optional)
Both Mono with LED-based RGB illumination scheme Mono Color
Epifluorescence images
Transmitted-light images
Color images
Benchtop system
Suitable for use in tissue culture hood
Darkroom needed
No No No No
Associated printer
--- --- ---
Onstage incubator for time-lapse imaging
Optional Optional --- ---
Multichannel Multichannel --- ---
Z-stack capability
--- ---
Automated multiwell plate screening
--- --- ---
Cloud connectivity
--- --- ---
USB Ports
DVI ports
--- ---


Celleste analysis software
Optional Optional Optional Optional
Embedded analysis
--- ---
Intuitive onboard software
Networking capability
--- ---
Integrated reagent selection guide  
--- --- ---


*Suitable for samples that are not temperature sensitive.

**Recommended for samples that could be negatively impacted by increases in temperature.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.