EVOS Cell Imaging System Sample Data

Superb optics, integrated usability, compact, simple yet powerful.

The central feature shared by all EVOS cell imaging systems is their remarkable image quality. In just a few clicks, capture clear, bright, publication-quality images that help you tell the story of your data. These images show the versatility and range of applications that EVOS systems can help visualize. Look-up the antibodies used in the immunostaining here.

With EVOS cell imaging systems, you can compile movies from individual images, such as time-lapse, Z-stack, tile-stitching, whole plate stitching, 3D visualization, analysis, and deconvolution. These videos show some of the ways that EVOS movies can help you tell the story of your data.

Sample applications

EVOS imaging systems support a broad range of applications. The ones in this section are featured in application notes and posters.

Wound healing

Capture time-lapse live-cell images and quantitate the effects of PI3-kinase inhibition on scratch wound healing. (EVOS M7000, Onstage Incubator)

Cell viability

Quickly and easily capture and calculate the percentage of live and dead cells in cytotoxicity studies. (EVOS M7000, Celleste Image Analysis Software)


Visualize phagocytosis of labeled bacteria and analyze its inhibition by cytochalasin D, an inhibitor of actin polymerization. (EVOS M7000)

CRISPR gene knockout

Provide functional confirmation at the protein level of the success of CRISPR-Cas9-mediated genome editing. (EVOS M7000)

Spheroid analysis

Visualize 3D organoids and tumor spheroids, which more closely mimic in vivo tumors than 2D cellular models, in close detail and automatically analyze their morphology and state. (EVOS M7000, Celleste Image Analysis Software)

Calcium flux

Visualize and analyze calcium flux moving across contracting cardiomyocytes over time. (EVOS M7000)

Intracellular hypoxia

Detect hypoxic conditions around tumors, 3D cultures, spheroids, neurons, and other conditions. (EVOS M5000, Image-iT™ Hypoxia Probe and Reagent

Proliferation in cellular context

With click chemistry and brightfield imaging, visualize cell proliferation against different cell structures and tissues. (EVOS M5000) 

Cell viability and MMP

Simultaneously visualize and analyze dose-dependent effects of a toxin on cell viability and mitochondrial membrane potential over time. (EVOS FLoid)

Cell culture quality control

Monitor expansion of stimulated T cells without disturbing the activation process or removing cultures from the incubator for lengthy periods. EVOS XL Core

Reference articles

Designed to eliminate the complexities of microscopy without compromising performance, EVOS cell imaging systems make cell imaging available to almost every lab and budget. Use our Reference Article Database to learn how researchers like you are publishing research using EVOS cell imaging systems.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.