EVOS XL Core Imaging System

Catalog number: AMEX1000

Designed to eliminate the complexities of microscopy, the EVOS XL Core system captures high-quality brightfield cell images right at your benchtop within a minute. It’s the perfect instrument for monitoring cell cultures, either within a hood or in your cell culture room.



The EVOS XL Core system extends EVOS simplicity and ease of use to brightfield microscopy. With a bright LED light source, a high-resolution color camera, and a choice of objectives, it can capture, display, and save high-quality color images in just a few clicks.


The XL Core system offers:

Easy self-installation

Unpacking and installation in less than 2 minutes with no alignment or bulbs to change, ever

High-quality color options

High-quality brightfield and phase contrast images with adjustable focus, light intensity, and color tone

Optional mechanical stage

Optional mechanical stage allows use of more objectives than the included fixed stage

Thermo Fisher Connect™ cloud

Additional post-acquisition image analysis via the Thermo Fisher Connect™ cloud application

Enhanced safety

Many operational functions can be controlled through software, reducing the need to touch the instrument

Biosafety cabinet compatible

Can be used within a biosafety cabinet or hood

Fast or slow mode

Your choice whether to maximize speed or resolution

In addition to the base XL Core model (AMEX1000), we also offer two preconfigured EVOS models packaged with popular cell culture objectives—one with (AMEX1200) and one without (AMEX1100) the optional mechanical stage.

Videos & demos

View more EVOS systems videos and demos under Resources.

Featured Images

Human blood

EVOS XL Core, 40x.

Mouse melanocytes

EVOS XL Core, 20x.

Lettuce leaf

EVOS XL Core, 10x.

Human skeletal muscle

EVOS XL Core, 40x

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.