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DNA oligo products and services when you need them. Custom oligos are offered with standard deoxynucleotides, modified bases and 5' and 3'-modified nucleotides.

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Service Line Up

Value Oligos

One price (pay per oligo)
with volume discounts
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  • 7-30 mers
  • 40 nmol scale
  • Desalted / No modifications
  • One-day delivery

Standard Oligos

Pay per base 
with 5', internal, or 3' modifications

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  • 7-100 mers
  • 50 / 200 nmol , 1µ mol scale
  • Desalted / Cartridge / HPLC /PAGE
  • 5’ / 3’ / Internal modifications

Plate Oligos

One complete order with the same purification, synthesis scale, ship medium, and buffer

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  • More than 24 oligos / plate
  • 7-80 mer
  • 50 / 200nmol scale
  • Desalted / Cartridge

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