Custom Primers and TaqMan Probes

Applied Biosystems Custom Primers and TaqMan Probes are the best option for research experiments or applications that cannot be addressed with one of our predesigned TaqMan Assays. Our portfolio of fluorescent dyes and quenchers provides maximum assay design flexibility while retaining the quality, reproducibility, and gold-standard chemistry you have come to expect from TaqMan reagents.

Choose from our collection of dual-labeled TaqMan probes and unlabeled oligos for use as qPCR primers. Whether you want to simultaneously interrogate multiple targets, use your own bioinformatics to design a probe, or detect exotic targets that do not already have a predesigned assay, we offer the ideal probes to design your own assay. Our TaqMan MGB (minor groove binder), TAMRA, and QSY custom probes deliver outstanding performance and are manufactured using the same facilities and raw materials as the TaqMan Assays that are featured in over 40,000 publications.

The quality of your data is limited by the quality of the primers and probes you choose. Here's how Custom TaqMan probes set your assay up for success:

  • They are HPLC-purified to remove impurities such as unconjugated dyes or truncated probes that can increase background signal and decrease assay sensitivity
  • Primers and probes can be shipped in solution. Avoid errors during resuspension that can alter stock concentrations and markedly affect downstream experiments
  • Your choice of guaranteed yield ensures the right amount of qPCR assays for every sample size and scale
  • QSY probes offer seamless transition of existing Black Hole Quencher probe designs
  • MGB technology allows for shorter probe designs, resulting in increased target discrimination and specificity
  • TaqMan probes are ready for efficient integration into your Applied Biosystems workflow
  • Similar turnaround times in North America as compared to competitors*

*4-6 Days in North America, international times may vary

Custom TaqMan Probes

Choose the probe that is best for your application:

Custom MGB probes—MGB probes offer the best all-around combination of sensitivity, precision, and specificity. MGB technology enables shorter probe designs, resulting in maximal sequence discrimination and target flexibility. Best for detecting up to two targets within the same reaction. 

Custom TAMRA probes—one of the first TaqMan probes developed, these probes are ideal for maintaining consistency in projects using legacy TAMRA probe designs

Custom QSY probes—QSY probes are best-suited for multiplexed detection of more than two targets and pair with proprietary ABY and JUN dyes that are optimized for Applied Biosystems instruments. QSY is ideal for direct conversion of BHQ probe designs. Learn more about multiplexing ›

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Interested in seeing published research using TaqMan Custom Probes?

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Sequence detection primers

Sequence detection primers are high-quality, unlabeled oligos for use with either TaqMan probes or SYBR dye for all of your real-time PCR research applications. Our primers come desalted, are available in your choice of scales, and are shipped as liquid or dried down. Sequence detection primers are synthesized using the same raw materials and carefully controlled processes as our TaqMan probes, ensuring consistency and quality in every batch.

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Have you searched our library of predesigned TaqMan Assays?

We offer 20+ million predesigned TaqMan Assays across a diverse set of real-time PCR applications, including gene expression, SNP genotyping, and copy number variation. Predesigned TaqMan Assays are ready-to-use primer and probe sets that are designed using our proprietary bioinformatics and design algorithms to detect your gene, SNP, or sequence of interest. Before ordering Custom Primers and TaqMan Probes, check to see if we already have a Predesigned Assay ready for you.

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Want even more customization?

Our Specialty Manufacturing service offers even more customized solutions for those truly challenging real-time PCR experiments. From off-catalog dye offerings to specialized formulation and volume requirements to specific assay plating arrangements, our Specialty team will work with you to design your perfect assay.

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Leverage the full expertise and infrastructure of Thermo Fisher Scientific:
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.