Our Specialty TaqMan Assay and Oligo Service offers solutions that extend beyond our catalog assay offerings, tailored to your real-time PCR needs.

With this service, you can further customize our TaqMan Assays, consisting of preformulated primers and probe sets for our most popular applications, including gene expression, SNP genotyping, copy number variation, and miRNA analysis. Alternatively, customize standalone TaqMan primers and probes for maximum design flexibility.

Frequently requested assay or primer/probe sets customizations include:

  • Different dye labels
  • Alternate dye and quencher combinations
  • Customized formulations, volumes, or concentrations
  • Assays containing extra primers or probes
  • Primer and probe sets with customized scales or purification
  • Primer and probe sets with modified/specialized bases

Specialty TaqMan Assay and Oligo Service supports the following custom dyes and quenchers:

= Orderable online in standard formulations; further customization can be done via Specialty Oligo service

✓✓ = Available via Specialty Oligo service


*QSY2 quenchers require a longer TAT to manufacture, please inquire with Specialty Oligo service
** Alexa 647-MGB, Cy5-MGB probes have not been internally tested--customers should perform preliminary studies to ensure probes are suitable for qPCR requirements.

Ready to submit an order request? Download the  specialty oligo ordering form to complete your project request.

Additionally, we offer tailored services to help you design your perfect assay. These include:

  • MGB probe redesign—a bioinformatics consultation to convert your existing TaqMan MGB probe design to use a QSY probe for added multiplexing flexibility
  • Dye and quencher compatibility recommendations—guidance to determine the best dye and quencher combinations for designing your qPCR probes
  • Primer and probe compatibility—leverage our bioinformatics tools to determine which primer/probe pairs to combine for the optimal multiplex reaction

To learn more about the Specialty TaqMan Assay and Oligo Service, email us at Specialty_Oligos@thermofisher.com or contact your local sales representative.