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Real-time PCR explained

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran in the lab, you probably have questions about real-time PCR. Fortunately, the Applied Biosystems Taq Team is ready to help. As experts in real-time PCR, we address your most frequently asked real-time PCR questions and challenges in a new video series, Taq Talk, where viewers can expect to hear everything from the basics and best practices to experiment setup and choosing the right master mix. Browse the series below and stay tuned for more Taq Talk videos.

Episode 1: Understanding real-time PCR terminology

Episode 2: Phases of real-time PCR and why they’re important

Episode 3: What are Ct values in real-time PCR?

Episode 4: How TaqMan real-time PCR assays work

Episode 5: What is a real-time PCR master mix, and which one should you choose?

Behind the Bench blog post: Taq Talk video series

Understanding real-time PCR terminology

 A quick guide to qPCR terms and acronyms

Real-time PCR can be challenging to learn, but it doesn’t have to be. Become a qPCR expert with our handy guide for common acronyms and terms.

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Real-Time PCR Handbook 2.0 digital experience

Whether you are new to qPCR or are just looking to brush up on your techniques, don’t miss your chance to access this valuable, self-paced training to learn how to optimize qPCR.

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Ask TaqMan video gallery

 Check out the videos from our original Applied Biosystems real-time PCR series “Ask TaqMan."