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Cellular Imaging with Thermo Fisher Scientific draws on the combined strengths of Invitrogen™ fluorescent reagents and EVOS™ Cell Imaging Systems, with Thermo Scientific™ high content platforms and analysis tools. Select from the most peer-referenced platforms in all of life science research to make the discoveries that advance our understanding today and catalyze the research goals of tomorrow.

Find the right imaging system for your research

transmitted-light/colorimetric imaging

  • Cell imaging in the culture hood
  • Tissue visualization
  • Cell-counting and monitoring

fluorescence imaging

  • Cell and tissue imaging
  • Multi-color fluorescence detection
  • Live and fixed samples

simplified automated imaging

  • Automatic plate scanning
  • Multi-color detection
  • Automatic data analysis

quantitative/high-content imaging

  • Integrated imaging and analysis
  • Wide-field, bright-field and confocal
  • Robot-compatible

Cell imaging products