There’s nothing better than the comfort of a perfect fit. From simple cell culture imaging to quantitative high-content analysis, Thermo Scientific™ and Invitrogen™ imaging platforms and reagents are tailored to meet your specific application needs. Find the right fit for your research.

Find the right fit for your research

transmitted-light/colorimetric imagingtransmitted-light/colorimetric imaging

  • Cell imaging in the culture hood
  • Tissue visualization
  • Cell-counting and monitoring

fluorescence imagingfluorescence imaging

  • Cell and tissue imaging
  • Multi-color fluorescence detection
  • Live and fixed samples

simplified automated imagingsimplified automated imaging

  • Automatic plate scanning
  • Multi-color detection
  • Automatic data analysis

quantitative/high-content imagingquantitative/high-content imaging

  • Integrated imaging and analysis
  • Wide-field, bright-field and confocal
  • Robot-compatible

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