Tissue section with green, red and blue fluorescence

Getting publication-quality images and data is critical to every researcher. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the highest quality fluorescence microscopy reagents and assays including cell structure and function dyes and stains, antifades and mountants, instrument calibration and set-up tools and much more.

Workflow and guides

Live-cell imaging

  • Wash solutions
  • Imaging solutions
  • Background suppressors

Fixed-cell imaging

  • Antifades
  • Fix and perm solutions
  • Signal enhancers

Creating 3D cell models

  • 3D cell culture sources
  • 3D culture matrix, media and supplements
  • Reagents for imaging 3D cultures

Immunofluorescence selection guide

  • High-abundance target detection
  • Medium- to high-abundance target detection
  • Medium- to low-abundance target detection

Fluorophore selection guides

  • Fluorescent dyes
  • Invitrogen Qdot probes
  • Fluorescent proteins

Fluorescence SpectraViewer

  • Compare dye spectra
  • Determine dye spillover
  • Determine instrument filter—dye compatibility

Instrument and sample set-up

Mounting media and antifades

  • Preserve fluorescent signals
  • Live cells and fixed cells
  • Cells, tissue slices or 3D cell cultures

Clearing reagents for imaging 3D cell culture and tissue

  • CytoVista reagent selection guide
  • Imaging chambers and brain slicers
  • CytoVista products in action

Microscope calibration

  • Dye standards
  • Calibration beads
  • Prepared slides

Dyes, stains and assays

Imaging apoptosis assays

  • Annexin V staining
  • Caspase activity assays
  • Chromatin condensation and TUNEL assays
  • Mitochondria function assays

Imaging cell structure

  • Organelle stain selection guides
  • Find organelle-specific antibodies and stains

Secondary antibodies

  • Alexa Fluor and Alexa Fluor Plus secondary antibodies


In situ hybridization (ISH)


Super-resolution microscopy (SRM)

  • High-resolution fluorescence imaging using STORM, SIM, STED, and TPE techniques