Image-iT DEAD Green Viability Stain

Membrane integrity-based viability assay

This kit includes Image-iT DEAD Green viability stain for identification of dead cells. After staining your cells, the signal from the stain will be retained if the sample is fixed and permeabilized.

This protocol can be used for:

  • Identifying dead cells using a fluorescence microscope

This protocol should not be used for:

  • Flow cytometry

You will need the following for this protocol:


1. Culture cells in appropriate medium and vessel for microscopy
2. Dilute Image-iT DEAD Green stain by adding 225 µL DMSO to vial to make a 1,000X stock solution
3. Add 1 µL stock solution per milliliter of medium to label cells
4. Incubate 30 minutes at 37°C
5. Image cells

Spectral information and storage

 Image-iT DEAD Green
Excitation/Emission488/515 nm
Standard filter setFITC or GFP
EVOS Light CubeGFP
Storage conditionsRoom temperature


Protocol tips

  • This kit is compatible with antibody labeling protocols
  • Dye stock solutions should be stored frozen

Image of valinomycin-treated cells labeled with the Image-iT DEAD Green Kit reagents
Valinomycin-treated HeLa cells labeled with the Image-iT DEAD Green Viability Stain.