EVOS M7000 Imaging System

Catalog number: AMF7000

The EVOS M7000 microscope is a fully automated, no-personal-contact imaging system. It incorporates both monochrome and color high-resolution CMOS cameras for the best of both fluorescent and colorimetric imaging. The M7000 can scan multiwell plates automatically and features speedy autofocus, image acquisition, and large data processing.

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In addition to the common features of all EVOS microscopes, the EVOS M7000 offers:

Dual dedicated cameras

A high-sensitive monochrome optimized for fluorescent imaging and quantitation, and a high-resolution color camera optimized for colorimetric imaging


Scan a 96-well plate in 3 fluorescence channels in less than 5 minutes


Thermo Fisher Connect

Additional post-acquisition image analysis via the Thermo Fisher Connect™ cloud application

Optimal Performance

Autofocus, Z-stack capability, image stitching and tiling, time-lapse imaging, and single-click multichannel capture

Celleste Image Analysis Software Option 

Compatibility for advanced image processing and analysis, including 2D and 3D deconvolution and 3D visualization and analysis

EVOS Onstage Incubator Option

Compatibility for live-cell analysis with precise control of temperature, humidity, and gases


Multiwell plate scanning, autofocus, rapid stage movement, and automated routines (such as scanning a pre-designated area) save time, streamline workflow, and improve experimental reproducibility.

Enhanced safety

All operational functions can be controlled and programmed through software, eliminating the need to touch the instrument except to mount the slide


Spatial gene expression application

EVOS M7000 imaging system is designed to fit the needs of researchers who study spatial gene expression using the Visium assays from 10x Genomics.  The unique easy to use and safety features of EVOS M7000 makes it a preferred microscope for these assays.

Featured images and videos

Image shows HeLa cell labeled with Phalloidin-Alexa Fluor Plus 555 and NucBlue, image shows 2D deconvolution effect with Celleste software

HeLa cell widefield vs deconvolved


EVOS M7000, 60x objective, Celleste Image Analysis Software. Stains: NucBlue (nucleus), Phalloidin.


Image shows EVOS software tiles and stitches 13x18 images to create a spotless composite image

Whole-well stitching of live HeLa cells


EVOS M7000, 10x objective, 13x18 stitched image. Stain: Calcein AM. The resolution of the individual field of view is retained when stitching an entire well.

Image shows HeLa cells labeled and then imaged with EVOS M7000, monochrome camera.

HeLa cells


EVOS M7000, monochrome camera.

Image shows rat intestine section cells labeled and then imaged with EVOS M7000, color camera.

Proliferating cells in rat intestine section


EVOS M7000, color camera.

Image shows bovine pulmonary endothelial cells labeled for F-actin, microtubules and nucleus, and imaged with EVOS M7000

Bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells


EVOS M7000. Stains: Phalloidin (F-actin), BODIPY IgG (microtubules), DAPI (nucleus)

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.