High-Content Screening (HCS) and High-Content Analysis (HCA)

Designed for the highest quality and fastest time-to-data possible

Our High-Content Screening (HCS), also known as High-Content Analysis (HCA), or High-Content Imaging platforms are designed for exceptional single-cell analysis capabilities and lightning-fast time-to-data. Perform unbiased spontaneous phenotyping with intact, fixed, or live cells derived from monolayers to spheroids. Acquire complex images and high-content data in seconds with the Thermo Scientific CellInsight HCS platforms powered by HCS Studio software.


Featured in over 2,000 peer-reviewed publications, the CellInsight platform and HCS Studio software combine multi-parameter fluorescence microscopy with mathematical algorithms that identify and measure each cell within the fields of view. Conducting imaging and analysis in parallel provides the fastest time-to-data possible, a key advantage for high-throughput screening applications. Recent advances in laser-based focusing, confocal spinning disc performance, camera sensitivity and algorithm processing have accelerated throughput so that an entire 96-well plate can be scanned and quantified in under four minutes.

Short scan times and high contrast with CX7 LED Pro


Advanced HCS instruments/platforms designed for a broad range of advanced applications

Explore high-content screening applications ranging from 2D cell-based assays to 3D spheroid biology using our HCS platforms and multiplexable fluorescent reagents.

Professional-quality cell painting with the CellInsight CX7 LZR Pro platform

Cell painting is an advanced technique that can identify thousands of structures in screening conditions, allowing you to gain novel insights into drug discovery and safety applications.

3D visualization and analyses with Amira software

Amira 3D Software from Thermo Scientific offers 3D analysis capabilities of the most challenging samples, including 3D neuroscience morphology and immuno-oncology colocalization assessment of cancer and immune cells.

Add the Orbitor RS plate handler for automated high-throughput screening

Equip CellInsight HCS Platforms with automated high-throughput screening of up to 80 plates using the Orbitor RS plate handler. Operate the microplate mover directly using HCS Studio software.

“Seek-and-find” functionality

Thermo Scientific EurekaScan Finder on the CellInsight CX7 LED Pro and CX7 LZR Pro HCS platforms is designed to automate the identification and subsequent capture of irregularly seeded samples at progressively higher magnifications.

Quantifiably brilliant data

Our proprietary HCS Studio quantitative analysis software saves time by performing simultaneous imaging with single cell-level quantification and advanced onboard performance statistics, including automated Z’ measurements.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.