Isolation of Small RNAs

mirVana™ miRNA Isolation Kit
Designed especially for the isolation of total RNA that includes small RNAs (e.g. miRNA, siRNA, snRNA) from tissues and cells.

mirVana™ PARIS™
Permits quantitative recovery of native protein and all RNA species, including small RNAs such as miRNA, siRNA, snRNA, and snoRNA, from the same sample.

Knockdown and Gene Expression Analysis

TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays
Pre-designed real-time PCR assays for the transcripts of virtually all known genes of 15 species.

TaqMan® Gene Expression Cells-to-CT™ Kit
This kit enables researchers to easily perform gene expression analysis using cultured cells without purification of RNA.

Detection of Control siRNA Transfection Efficiency

Primary Antibodies Matched to GAPDH and b-actin siRNA Controls
For the detection of GAPDH and b-actin by immunofluorescence and/or Western analysis.

KDalert™ GAPDH Assay Kit
Obtain a reliable measure of GAPDH enzyme activity in cultured human, mouse, or rat cells in less than 30 minutes using a microplate fluorometer.