Isolation of Small RNAs

mirVana miRNA Isolation Kit
Designed especially for the isolation of total RNA that includes small RNAs (e.g. miRNA, siRNA, snRNA) from tissues and cells.

mirVana PARIS
Permits quantitative recovery of native protein and all RNA species, including small RNAs such as miRNA, siRNA, snRNA, and snoRNA, from the same sample.

Knockdown and Gene Expression Analysis

TaqMan Gene Expression Assays
Pre-designed real-time PCR assays for the transcripts of virtually all known genes of 15 species.

TaqMan Gene Expression Cells-to-CT Kit
This kit enables researchers to easily perform gene expression analysis using cultured cells without purification of RNA.

Detection of Control siRNA Transfection Efficiency

Primary Antibodies Matched to GAPDH and b-actin siRNA Controls
For the detection of GAPDH and b-actin by immunofluorescence and/or Western analysis.

KDalert GAPDH Assay Kit
Obtain a reliable measure of GAPDH enzyme activity in cultured human, mouse, or rat cells in less than 30 minutes using a microplate fluorometer.


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