SureLock™ Tandem Midi Gel Tank

Catalog number: STM1001

SureLock™ Tandem Midi Gel Tank

Catalog number: STM1001
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STM10011 tank
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The Invitrogen SureLock Tandem Midi Gel Tank provides for rapid electrophoresis of midi gels using minimal buffer (∼520 mL/gel) in a leak-free system. With a setup time of ∼30 seconds, the tank efficiently runs midi gels while also providing consistent performance. The tank features two independent chambers, allowing electrophoresis of one or two gels at a time, which saves on buffer and limits waste. The tank is compatible with all Invitrogen pre-cast midi gels and midi gel cassettes.

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2-in-1 gel electrophoresis and transfer tank—enables electrophoresis and transfer of high-performance Invitrogen midi gels using the same tank
Two separate chambers—run 1 or 2 gels or transfers and use only the necessary amount of buffer for each gel, minimizing buffer cost and waste
Optimal performance with fast protocols—saves time while yielding better results
Room temperature transfer when paired with SureLock Tandem Midi Blot Modules—eliminates the need to pre-chill buffers and the hassle and messiness of ice baths
User-friendly—easy setup and simple workflow
Does not require dummy cassette or buffer dam—reduces accessories
Compatible—fits all Invitrogen precast midi gels and midi gel cassettes
Modern design provides easy access to sample loading area reducing sample loading time and effort
Robust design using strong polycarbonate plastic that prevents cracks and leaks
Unobstructed visibility to your gels as they run
Easy fitting lid with guiding notches and wire management hooks

The SureLock Tandem Midi Gel Tank can be used for wet tank transfers when paired with the SureLock Tandem Midi Blot Module. The SureLock Tandem Midi Blot Module performs efficient, room-temperature, wet protein transfers for downstream western blot analysis. The tank accommodates two blot modules, allowing transfer of one or two gels at a time. The unique design of the SureLock Tandem Blot Module uses considerably less transfer buffer (only ∼300 mL per transfer) than other wet transfer systems. This lower buffer requirement keeps the amount of methanol waste (a hazardous material) to a minimum.

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Gel Compatibility
All Invitrogen precast midi gels, and Invitrogen empty midi gel cassettes
Gel Size
Product Line
Midi Gel Tank
For Use With
All Invitrogen Precast Midi Gels, and Invitrogen Empty Midi Gel Cassettes
Gel Dimensions
Gel size: 8 x 13 cm (Midi or Wide Format Gels)Gel cassette: 10.3 x 15 cmThickness: 1.0 mm
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
One year
Dimensions (L x W x H)
25 x 17.9 x 17.3 cm (height with lid on)

Contents & Storage

• 1 SureLock Tandem Midi Gel Tank
• 1 Gel Knife


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